Step 18: Finished Replica Bronzes

Picture of Finished Replica Bronzes
This project was a spectacular experience and the monument and the replicas have been received with immense gratitude.  This was a rewarding and challenging project. It was fun being able to use the latest technology on this project (completed in 2008).  As far as I know I was the first to use the entire sequence of technology end to end on a project of this kind. 

Remember the importance of presentation. We were up against 65 other artist nationwide, but won the project because we went above and beyond in our presentation. Unfortunately, to stay in business you have to be a salesman, marketer, and business professional in addition to being an artist. Don't underestimate the need for contracts, unless you prefer to learn the hard way.

WSU's football team now has a tradition called "Cougar Prowl" where each player touches the monument before the game. Pretty cool!

Special thanks to:
Heather Soderberg - assistant sculptor (great talent and amazing person)
Valley Bronze - Foundry that cast monument
T. Hunter Bronze - Foundry that casts the replica bronzes
Rob Arps - Additive Workshop
De Bergamo3 years ago
This is absolutely impressive! Congratulations, very good work!
goldpen3 years ago
thanks for sharing this amazing work and detailing the processes which made it happen. Much appreciated
robecker3 years ago
Absolutely amazing. All the information makes me appreciate the beauty of the sculpture even more.
mahvin3 years ago
This is super impressive work!

Congratulations on an outstanding job and for creating an equally impressive instructable to show us your process!
DrakerDG3 years ago
Good work!