Introduction: Running Across America One Run at a Time: Creating a Virtual Running Blog - Mile 1500!

Most of the time when you run you start and end at the same point.  But what would happen if you ran as far as you could and then started again the next day from that same point?  How long would it take you to go across the United States and where would you go?  I began a Virtual Running Blog starting at Times Square in NYC and plan to go to California and then up to Vancouver.  Every 100 miles, I update this blog with stories about where I would be on the map including history and pictures.  This is my blog:  And here is how I did it.

Step 1: Step 1 - Get a Blog From Travelpod

I needed a website that was free and that would display a map that I could continuously update.  After a false start with Blogger, I found this website.  It met my requirements. 

Step 2: Set Your Starting Destination on Travelpod

You will need to set your starting destination using their map.  Once you do this you will want to go to the internet to find pictures.  I have found that I can usually find current and obscure old pictures of almost any place on the map.  Most of the fun of doing this is finding out about the places you visit using Wikipedia or the city or town's local website or newspapers.

Step 3: Every 100 Miles Use Google Maps to Find Your New Location

You can choose your interval but I found that logging every 100 miles kept the project interesting without taking up too much of my time.  I go to Google Maps and put in my current location and then keep trying different cities until I get one about 100 miles away.  Once I get that city I go back to my blog and enter that as my new location.  Then I go to Wikipedia and Google to find out about where I am and what's happened there.   I hope to keep it going until the pacific.  Each time I also update total miles run, miles from the Atlantic (from Google Maps), Miles to the Pacific and miles to my next border crossing.

Step 4: Current Position