If your building your own CNC mill or upgrading one you have you'll have to deal with some sort of CNC controller.  This instructable is on the CNC controller I ordered and the case I needed for it.  I designed this case and laser cut it ( I made it at TechShop - Check them out at http://www.techshop.ws ) you could also CNC mill it (of course).  I'll take you through this step by step with links for box files, box creation website and photos.

Step 1: The Controller

I have a Taig mill converted to a CNC mill.  The controller that came with it was underpowered and eventually burnt out so I ordered a new one.  The controller I ordered from eBay was a TB6560 4axis/5 axis controller.  This controller comes as just a bare PCB board which I'm sure if I left laying around would get shavings and burn out.  The controller board itself is roughly 6"x5" (this doesn't include end connector overhang.  Because I wanted to go with a semi-snug fitting box I decided to go with 6.5"x6.5" box and use 1/4 MDF as the material to work with.
<p>Hi friend, I'm doing a CNC, and I wanted to know which laser model to buy, what power specification did you use to cut this part?</p>
Hi,<br> At the time I was using an Epilog 60-Watt laser Cutter. If you were to do the case out of just acrylic, then a 40Watt laser would be fine. I currently use one of the Chinese 40Watt ones now and it works great.<br><br>Thanks,<br>Rob
<div><div><div>Thank you very much for the clarification, I really enjoyed the Project.</div></div></div>
how mutch was the cost of the board and machine
Hi I make loads of boxes like this for controllers. At the moment I am making some for PID controllers for my smoker and for my wine making heater. They are great fun to design and make. On the type of controller you are using you will be best adding a fan as the heat sink will get warm. You could also add some holes for improved air flow over the sink. <br>Easy access to the board is also essential, so some form of catch of screw/bolt will be required. <br>Another tip is I make all my boxes on a slope so that it is harder to get things resting on the top of them!
Thanks Mindmapper1, you have some good suggestions. I would love to see some of your examples. It's fun to learn from seeing how others do it.

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