Picture of Creating a custom crawler
Here I will show you from start to finish, how to create a completely one of a kind, remote control rock crawler. These things are pretty fun and can get pretty expensive. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for a tube chassis, build your own!

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
The first thing you need to do is come up with a design. This is what you will use to make the chassis that you will put all of the crawler components on. I would start with something simple, maybe draw it a few times on a piece of paper in class during the school day...

Anyway, you need to draw it out on something sturdy to actual size after you have made a final design decision. I used a piece of wood, cardboard would work. Then you need to decide what your measurements will be. Just saying it right now, simple is safe. I used measurements in increments of 1 half inch. That is to say that I never made a measurement that was not a multiple of 1/2. This helped out a ton when making the frame.
Blanxers2 years ago
What type of metal did you use
Blanxers2 years ago
What did you use to frame it?
Blanxers2 years ago
What did you use to frame it?
skumdog3 years ago
That thing is absolutely beautiful!! I love it. I am just getting into robotics and I wanted to build a 4 wheel design. Now I want to build a damn rock crawler. The only issue I have with this is... well, I can't weld, nor do I have access to a welder. Maybe I can find somewhere that will weld it for me. I think I would still feel satisfied that I designed it. Well anyways, AWESOME rock crawler you have there you have a real talent. I am willing to bet that people would pay a pretty penny for one of those. Maybe you should open up a store or something. Good Luck with the competitions. Oh snap I just noticed I am a year late on commenting on this thing. Oh well, it's still wicked sweet!
are the tires bad becuase of high gears because if thats the case, just put a bigger spur gear
if its because its not soft enough, take the foams out
i really like how it looks with the t maxx tires
Mr.NHRA (author)  I luv Duct Tape4 years ago
You know much about RC? Tmaxx's are nitro traxxas cars that are not designed for rock crawling. This means they do not have to be soft at all. The rubber on them babys is like a quarter inch thick, taking the foams out (which ive already done) makes little to no difference. I agree that they look alot better than the hammers but the hammers are rock crawler specific. I assure you, this thing has more power than you could ever imagine lol.
indeed....G8 compound tires are nice and sticky....Igot TSL Super swampers on my Silverado HD(Hard body rig) SCX-10 and it'll climb like almost vertical inclines...I've also got memory foams inside mounted to RC4WD True scale beadlocks....Crawling is exepnsive and addicting lol.
What does COG stand for?
How much to buy it of you?
COG means Center Of Gravity....the lower the better.
flamingo1234 years ago
i framed it for stealing the butter but i lost in court
Mr.NHRA (author)  flamingo1234 years ago
Lol, it leaves no evidence, an art which you must learn
I don't think those are tmaxx tires or rims. Mine is a couple of years old so they may have changed a lill. keep up the good work!
Mr.NHRA (author)  Matrix-technician4 years ago
They are indeed, not stock tmaxx rims. They were off an old tmaxx some body had put a lot of money into with hop ups then parted out on eBay.
Ah, ok. now i see the tmaxx tires, but my rims are chrome. :)
rhagys4 years ago
That thing is nice, making me think about slowly starting to build one..
I have to ask though.. I take it there's a transfer box in there somewhere?
And where did you get hold of some axles? forgive me for sounding lazy, but I really wouldnt be able to cope with gearing them up myself.. so far ive only managed to find axle casings.. Well Done again on such a great job there!
Mr.NHRA (author)  rhagys4 years ago
Well axle castings are the first step if your going all out custom. I, like you, am lazy so i bought an "Axial AX10 Roller" and used it for parts. You can find axles with gears in them on ebay, but if you get two at $40 bucks a pop, its almost worth just getting the roller so you dont have to pay for the gearbox and driveshafts. I think i payed a little over $100 for mine.
Mr.NHRA (author) 4 years ago

Heres the vid for u guys!
R1Ch04 years ago
quick question, how much did the project set you back with the suspension, motor, remote gear etc?
Mr.NHRA (author)  R1Ch04 years ago
If you meen total build cost then that would bee arround $200. If you meen jsut for the stock parts, it cost about $35 for an ESC $15 for a good motor $45 for a transmission and drive shafts and about $35 for both axles. It was about $150 for everything that i did not build myself. Thanks for the comments! Zach.
hg3414 years ago
damn you just gave me someing to do in wleding class 5*s
zack2474 years ago
that thing is BADASS!
Mr.NHRA (author)  zack2474 years ago
Thanks man! You should build one! I made a video of it crawling but i dont know how to post it...
zack247 Mr.NHRA4 years ago
ihink you have to upload it to youtube or the sort and then use the "embed code", whatever that is.

if you want, i can send you some pictures of my WIP cadillac escalade :)
Mr.NHRA (author)  zack2474 years ago
That would be awesome! Can anybody upload the video for me and then send me a link to it? i dont have a youtube account and i would appriciate any help. I could e-mail the vid to somebody
zack247 Mr.NHRA4 years ago
PM me and i'll tell you my email. (no offense to anybody here, but i dont want everyone to know my email)
yes it is