Picture of Creating a fancy stand for a hologram
My team at work recently received a really cool thing: a hologram made from a 3D model. It's really dramatic, but I felt it was not being shown to its full potential: we needed a way to display it.

I created an easel using 123D Design, made for 3D printing. You can see it in the 3d viewer below and in the picture.

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Step 1: Concept design

Picture of Concept design
I wanted a shape that was futuristic (to go with the hologram), easily 3D printable, and that really made the most of computer based design tools.

My concept was to make a series of "blades" with a notch cut out that would act as an easel.

Step 2: Make the segments of the stand

Picture of Make the segments of the stand
02 add cube.png
03 boolean subtract.png
04 non-uniform scale.png
Each of the blades is actually deformed dome, or half-sphere.

Here's how I made them:
  1. Add a sphere into the scene, with a radius of 10mm
  2. Add a box into the scene with dimensions of 40x40x10mm
  3. Line them up so that the top half of the sphere sticks up above the box
  4. Select the Combine icon on the toolbar
  5. Select the sphere as the target
  6. Select the box as the additional primitive to combine
  7. In the little pillbox menu, at the end, select Subtract
  8. Press Enter
  9. Voila, half sphere!
Next, deform it into the "blade"
  1. Select the half-sphere and then the Transform icon, then the Move icon
  2. Move it down so it is touching the ground plane
  3. Now select the Transform icon from the toolbar, and then the Scale icon
  4. In the little pill, select Non-Uniform scaling
  5. Adjust the size in each dimension - maybe 6x taller, 2x wider, 4x deeper
You should now have something that looks like blade!