Creating a simple logo from an image at Techshop

Picture of Creating a simple logo from an image at Techshop
This instructable shows the step by step process in which, in this tutorial, A polar bear is made into line art.  This image is not my own, It is a generic polar bear image off the first page of Google Search. However it is up to the viewer to decide if this is my piece or not. The image recreated was not meant to look like the original. Some can think of this as Shepard Fariey's position with his turned iconic,'HOPE' Obama poster. This whole process was made at Techshop.
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Step 1:

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The process starts with turning the photo black and white. While the original photo is not already overly saturated with different colors,  de-saturating the image makes it easier to see color value changes throughout the photo. Then, change the output levels. This makes the more prominent features easier to see. It will also make the darker areas lighter, therefore easier to see your line work when laying it down.

Step 2:

Start by selecting the line tool, and by gliding over the basic shapes. Keeping the lines connected is up to the userand their preferences, but if you are going back with the Paint Bucket Tool, it is advised to keep them connected now rather than have to re-connect them later.

Step 3:

To isolate your line work from the original image, scroll down to the image of a polar bear, and delete the layer.Once the layer is deleted, the background will be purely white. 

Step 4:

Once the image is isolated on the white background, Use the selection tool and select half the image.
Go to Edit, than copy, and paste the duplicate Image. 
Afterwards select the new image and go to Edit,and select Transform, than flip horizontal.
Then just line the two pieces together to make one uniform piece, and select 'flatten layers'  under the 'Layer' button.