my first instructable. Please if I am wrong in anyway, or if there is something I can improve, please comment.


Well, a week ago I was bored and wanted to try something new. I picked up my video camera and experimented with the effects. Then, I learned you can somewhat recreate the sprint commercial.

This effect is limited, but I think most of the time it will do the job.

You'll need:
a video camera with a "night" effect.
a tripod (or flat surface, where the camera will not move)
a computer
editing software
a small led light (don't have one? I'll explain what to do later.)

Step 1: Finding a "night" Effect

OK, now I am making this tutorial based upon my camera, a JVC GR-DA30. I found an effect called "Night" in the menu. Basically, you need something to make your video look like this: http://vimeo.com/1157191 or you can see the pictures below

This is most important part of the effect, you must find something like this for it to work.

If there is another way to do this, please comment.
the sprint speed commercials are time lapse (or stop motion) with long exposure (maybe 5-15 seconds each frame). You are basically doing the same thing, just with a shorter exposure, so you have less control over what is drawn. I can't really think or an easy way to recreate them... possibly a time lapse from a camera taking 5 sec night exposures.... it would be really hard to do with just one person. CDHK will help with timing (seriously, why do all camera manufacturers insist on leaving the most basic of features out, or limited by software)
Well yes, I knew that, and like I said there are a lot of problems with this.
you did a great job, like i said, it's hard to recreate. your way looks really cool and it's easy
if you take a pic of a pc editing this and i veiw the pic of the pc editing this dont you think that will disrupt the space time contumin??XD
dat iz y kat dar

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