Step 3: Creating an Auto Execute Command

Now, this is not necessary, unless you wish to have some app open.


action="Message to be displayed to describe app being run"

NOW, there are a couple options.

You could have the app only show up in Autoplay, or run when the device is opened from "My Computer"

Autoplay option:

open="App to be opened.exe"

Run on open from "My Computer":

shellexecute="App to be opened.exe"
<p>nice but is doenst work 4 me</p>
<p>This is a somewhat old tutorial now, heavily dependent on what operating system you're trying to execute this on.</p><p>Could you please provide the basic OS information about the system you're using?</p>
<p>I'm using windows vista yeah and I know y it dont work now but thx</p>

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