Materials you will need:

1. Pink, Green, Black, and White Fabric
2. 1 Box cutter
3. 1 cardboard box
4. 1 Adhesive Spray
5. Hot glue gun 
6. Headband
7. 1 foam
8. Stick-on rhinestones
9. Pink wig

Total cost: $35

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard Box

The first step is to get a large cardboard box. Some places will give you a cardboard box for free. I actually went to Staples and saw that there was a large box that wasn't for sale. This was a box that was used to hold other items that were shipped to the store. I informed the worker that I would like to purchase the box, they told me that it wasn't necessary and would give it to me for free. Once I brought the box home, I first drew an outline of a triangle. I used box cutters and cut along the lines that I had drawn.
That's a cute idea! I like that you covered the box with fabric instead of painting it. I think it really makes a difference!

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