I managed to acquire some large sheets of very thick acrylic for next to nothing ($15).  I wanted to create a ring of lights for a steampunk/gothic display cabinet I am making.  The best thing about this project is that I found acrylic is very easy to shape/mould with a router - have a look at the results!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Thick acrylic sheets (1" or 2.4cm thick) size is dependent on how large you want your ring to be.
Sacrificial wood (for rotating your acrylic on - there will be pictures!)
16 Colour changing LED's + 16 resistors
Transformer (12 volt 1 amp DC) Walwart

Router with router table
Drill bit and drill
Solder and soldering iron
Glue and glue gun
Electric Tile Cutter

Did you drill LED holes before or after you painted back ??
I drilled the holes after I painted the back. Thanks for noticing, I have now included this in the instructions.
nice product & Instructable !!
Thank you Lectric Wizard! At last another Wizard!

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