Step 10:

Once the casting material has cured, remove the frame. Once the frame has been completely removed, stand the mold and mother shell on end and carefully remove the mother shell. Once the mother shell has been removed, begin to remove the mold from the cast piece. The Rebound 25 is great in that it has great elasticity but retains it's shape. Be careful as the edges of the cast piece can be razor sharp. Press firmly but slowly on the pieces in the voids to remove the mold from the cast piece. Once half is done it is easier to rotate the piece and start at the top again.

Once the cast piece is completely removed from the mold, clean the mold with Joy dish soap and warm water and store flat in the mother shell.

And now you have a paver through which grass can grow. You can cast this piece out of pretty much any material. If you plan on using something like concrete and want to get more life out of the mold, add two more coats of silicone to the mold.