Creating an Historic Mansion Out of Paper...


Introduction: Creating an Historic Mansion Out of Paper...

This was an historic mansion museum at an historic site where I once worked. We decided to make a paper model kit of it, and this was the finished result. A photo of the real mansion, built in 1812 is included to show how close I got.



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    I absolutely LOVE Monticello.... TJ was so far ahead of his time!

    I recommend and as both of those fora have dedicated architecture sections. Lots of models to download, links to more, and all the help you could ever want.

    Do you have any tips for first time builders, for a high school project I'm looking to make a scale model of a historic building, maybe the Monticello, I have been looking for awhile and still cannot find many helpful websites, do you have any suggestions?

    That is cool! Did you print it off on a regular 8x10 piece of paper? I would love to know more about the construction of it! It looks like it could be complicated. Also, how did you go about converting it into a papercraft?

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    First, thank you for your very kind comment.

    I am an architectural historian, and so have had some experience making scale models of buildings, usually from scaled blueprints. In this particular case, it involved measuring the real mansion, and creating drawings of the building, and then detailing those drawings so that the markings and other visual details would show up at small scale, as you see in the third photo, which is an actual page of parts for the kit itself. It isn't very complicated, and given the time constraints that I was under, I did not photograph the build itself. I have been working for a couple of years designing a naval vessel, and that is a very complex and complicated effort. At the risk of creating a problem due to protocol, more information on paper modeling can be found on

    Hope this answers your question, and again, thanks!!