The nice thing of a cardboard furniture is that it's robust but
lightweight and you can optimal use your space by creating the shelf in a size adapted to the size of your supplies.

The second nice afford is, you can use rubbish for creating new and useful things for almost no coast.

Step 1: Choose a Proper Cardboard, Tools

The base of this shelf is the strong cardboard. I just used old packaging.
Important is to use the cardboard build of two or three layers.

You will also need a wood glue (or the other strong paper glue), the scissors or a cutter and a cutting mat. Sticky foil or paint for decoration, if needed.

Step 2: Shelf Pattern

You can create your own patterns. Here is my calculation for the shelf size:

Hight between the shelf boards:

1) Measure your tools, that you want to put in the shelf;

2) Add a little room above, so you can put the tools inside or remove them from a shelf


Board thickness:

1) Measure the cardboard thickness;

2) Decide how many cardboard layers you want to put together, I used 3 cardboard layers for the boards;

3) Multiply the thickness number with the count of a cardboard layer, this is your board thickness.



My shelf has 6 boards;

each board has the thickness of 1,5cm (3 layer of 0,5cm thick cardboard);

there are 20cm hight between two boards and 9,5cm hight between three boards;

the length of my side walls is 77,5 cm (= 1,5 board thickness + 20 hight between two boards + 1,5 board thickness + 20 hight between two next boards + 1,5 board thickness + 9,5 between two next boards + 1,5 board thickness + 9,5 between two next boards + 1,5 board thickness + 9,5 between two next boards + 1,5 board thickness);

the width is 9,5cm

Step 3: Prepare the Side Walls

1) Cut 8 stripes - 4 cardboard layer for each side wall. Size of each stripe is 9,5cm x 77,5cm.
2) Cut in 6 of stripes 1,5 hight holes at distance of 20, 20, 9,5 cm, left two stripes without a holes (those would be the outside of the shelf wall)

Step 4: Prepare the Boards

1) Cut 18 Squares - 3 cardboard layer for each of 6 boards. Size of each square is 9,5cm x 40cm.
2) Cut a hole at both ends with this you can assembly the shelf later.

Step 5: Glue Cardboard Layer Together

Glue together three cardboard layer for the boards and four cardboard layer for the side walls. Put glued pieces under heavy object for a while until the glue is dry.

Step 6: Assembly the Shelf

Just put the boards in the side wall holes.
You can also first put a glue in the holes for the better hold. Additional you can connect the side walls and the boards with a tacky tape for more hold.

Step 7: Cover the Shelf With a Sticky Foil

I covered the shelf with a sticky foil for protection and because I have black furniture in my room. But you can also spray or paint it or just leave it like it is.

<p>Wow that looks awesome, definitely a great money saver! Way to build furniture from the boxes that others get their furniture in! Welcome to instructables!</p>

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