Picture of Creation of a Wakeskate
Creation of a wake skate
Hello and welcome to my instructable on how to create a wake skate. The following steps will show how you can create your own wake skate.  For those of you that do not know what a wake skate is: A wake skate is similar to a wakeboard, however it is often smaller and the rider is not bound to the board. It is either build from fiberglass or wood. The wake skate built in this instructable is made from wood. On a scale from one to five, the difficulty of this project is about 4. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials 1.jpg

Materials List:
- 4 Birch Plywood (4mm thickness)
- 3 Foam Plates or Sand 
- 1 can epoxy resin
- 1 can spar varnish
- 1 small can contact adhesive
- 1 small brass tube
- 2 fins, 1.3 inches
- 4 fin screws
- 4 washers
- 2-4 timber beams
- Screw type-terminals
- Brushes
- Screwdriver
- Palette knife
- Jig Saw
- sand paper (maybe grinding machine) 
Some of the materials used are not on the pictures above.
yoboat1 year ago
I'm planning on making one myself but before I start I've got to know a few things.. 1. How wide is the board?
2. Where did you find the grip tape?
bruppricht (author) 2 years ago
@I8nite: that sounds fun! Unfortunately I live in Germany and it is very hard to find good places to wake skate/wakeboard.
@audreyobscura: I don't have one right now, as I just finished the wake skate this winter, but I can upload a video in summer if you want me to! :) 
Do you have any video of this thing in action?
l8nite2 years ago
Pretty cool, I grew up on the Barnaget Bay in NJ during the 1960's, we made"wake boards" from old wooden ironing boards, drift wood, packing crates..basically if it floated we'd take it out in the boat, even somethings that DIDN'T float like metal snow sleds