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Introduction: Creations From My Dungeon of Electricity

Here are a few of my past projects I've done and found photos of on me computer.
In no particular order there is:

Brian May replica treble booster. (made for a friend).
Peizo buffer/mixer for acoustic guitar.
Fuzz face clone made in a bean can (brothers Christmas present).
Portable stereo speakers made in a bean can (sisters Christmas present).
An unfinished gain clone Hi-Fi amp.
Home-made watchmaker style lathe (made by my dad mostly).
4 string diddly-bo made from my favourite old pan, an old axe handle and part of an orange crate.
A do-hickey to charge a capacitor to 400v with an led voltage read-out for a coil gun that never got finished.



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    It's only a decade later, hmmm, maybe you're still here? I need to build me a piezo buffer for a bass, and no idea how to build a piezo buffer for bass... Can you offer any instruction? ?

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    Ha! Been a while since i was here... most peizo buffers for guitars/basses consist of a JFET transistor and a handful of other components. IIRC the one in the photos was inspired by this: . It's pretty simple to put together if you have any previous electronics experience, and if not don't be intimidated, it's pretty easy to learn basic soldering (There's almost definitely and instructable on it).

    erm..its a bit of a paradox, you need a big metal working lathe to make one.
    saying that i might have a go at making an instructable on how to make one. it's pretty usefull.
    if you really want one and have some cash to blow have a look a "watch makers lathes" on ebay or somewhere. they are really nice peices fo kit.

    Please make an instructable for your lathe. Watchmaker's lathes are too expensive for a poor amateur watchmaker like me to buy.

    that's cool, i just need one for home my dad is a physics proffesor, and has access to a big shop. if u can show instructions, that would be great. -thanks.

    can you finish and post the do-hickey to charge a capacitor to 400v with an led voltage read-out for a coil gun that never got finished.

    Cool stuff, I like the homemade... uhhhh... banjo? Wait, Diddy-bo?

    Wow...That's a lot of cool stuff. I particularly like that gainclone. Cool!

    Brian May...Cool Nice heat sink and a cool toroid transformer.

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    cheers :) the toroid definitely gives a nice heavy feel to the whole thing. the heat sinks where chopped off some random scraps i picked up in a local electronics shop. I didn't insulate them from the tabs of the chips so they are at about 20volts, needless to say i dropped my metal cased mp3 player on them while testing didn't end so well.