Step 4: Thoughts

This is a fun and creative way to hand out contact information. People aren't going to forget this very easily if you give them one.
One downside is that they don't fit in wallets. An upside, on the other hand, is that no one else has business cards like these!
that's rockin'
found one <br> <br>just kiding, <br> <br>can you go to the launch it chalenge and vote for my basebal launcher!!! <br> <br> <br>thanks
I think the key is, they're not little business card shaped pieces of card, anything unusual and creative is bound to attract more attention and therefore more buisness. Well Done.
I &lt;3 lake Michigan
Lol sucks if you have bad handwriting, though. And maybe it was a bad idea to put this up since now you're not the only one who does it... Haha liking the idea of throwing them randomly for people to find. Nice 'ible.
Or you can scatter them for advertisement!<br />
SHARPIE!! This is awesome! Five stars and faved.
and if your clients don't like you they have a rock to throw at you
very true
hi uh... i found one these on the beach the other day when i was boarding! but instead of it just lying there, i saw the wave bring it in towerd me! very wierd! and instead of buisness stuff on it it just said i hate the ocean!! lol!
Interesting. If it was in the ocean it probably isn't one of mine. All mine went in lake Michigan. I <em>have</em> written random things on them before, but usually just my email address. Still waiting on a reply.... from anyone. :-)<br/>
oh yah! i found another one today! this time it said now i hate people... lol!
You can do this, and put them back on the beach. When peopl efind them... :O
As a matter of fact I've done that.
alternatively you can just spray paint a few boulders and leave them outside your ofice; Please Take One!
Please take ONLY ONE...
LOL Nice
are they still good for breeding?<br/> <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Breed-Rocks/">rock breeding</a><br/>
sweet idea!! have you thought about cutting one side flat and pollishing it? mate of mine runs an earth moving company n he will love this one! cheers!
I feel the insatiable need to make a stencil now.... This is unique enough that someone is sure to remember you: good for business if you have a lot of cometition.
now all we need is for someone to make an instructable for a printer that can print on stones!
Neat idea, I'd have to have my wife do the penmanship, or it'd be illegible.
What about some form of ink-stamping? True, it would only work for really flat surfaces; however, you would get uniform results that are easily duplicated.
or how about a flexible mask and sand blasting?
yeah... now you have a whole business instead of just a business card
Yeah, I ought to have someone else do mine. You can see why. :)
Maybe print or stencil them on?
Oh! Use a laser-cutter to etch it in (really flat stones only).
Or a fine grinding tip on a dremel.
Wonderful idea, especially if you are in the window pane business... "Hi, I just got home to find my window has been smashed in and found your business card amongst the rubble..." ;)
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahaha (seriously tho...i mite try that)
The really cool part of this is: if you want to get your business card to someone but can't get into their building because of security you can just chuck it through their window. Someone will be sure to contact you :)
cool idea the exicution needs a bit of work
Great concept! Faved and +1.
This is "simply" great! :-)
Nice one! being a graphic designer i love wyrd wonderful business cards. "would u like my stone?"
Maybe you could laser cut them. Good idea though
Another great Instructable! I should have thought of this.. Nice job, I might try it out, it's so easy!

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