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Non-Destructive Communication Tools for Mass Public Discourse part 2

This is the second installment in a series of experimental methods of communication intended to be a creative alternative to regular picketing and rioting, while utilizing accessible non-destructive materials. For this installment you will need:

1 unused condom(freebees can be found at schools and in NYC)
1 Sharpie fine point marker (color depends on condom wrapper)
1 suction cup with attached hook(can be found at hardware and dollar stores in packs)

These quantities are the bare minimum, feel free to bump up the condoms, and the suction cups to meet your needs.

Simply we will be writing messages on condom wrappers and posting them in public for our voice to be heard (so to speak).

Step 1: Finding Your Materials

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Almost all highschools and colleges in the U.S. have condoms for free in the health center. I do not know about other cities and states, but New York has it's own condom that is paid for by the city and can be found at many locations If you are not attending highschool or college and do not live in New York City, then you will have to purchase your own condoms from your local drug store, and might I suggest the cheapest ones you can find and in bulk.

Suction cups with hooks:
I purchased these at a hardware store in my neighborhood for $2 in a pack of 5, but I have seen these in certain dollar stores for even cheaper.

These can be found at art, office supply, and hardware stores. The color will depend on the package design of the condom itself. I used the NYC condom which has a white back and a black front, so I used black sharpies for the back and silver metallic for the front.

Step 2: Prepare Your Message

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Think about what you want to write and how you can communicate that message in a 2"x2" square.

Use an appropriate color Sharpie (or any other permanant quick drying marker) and write your message on the condom wrapper. Now is when you want to think about where you want to post it. There are 3 options:
1. Make a bunch with generic messages like: "My Government screwed me!" and alternate front and back.
2. Have a plan and write site specific messages
3. Throw it all in a bag and write them impromptu as you go.

The reason you want to write them on the front or the back is that you have to think about who your audience is, inside or outside of the building, automobile...

Step 3: Post Em' Up!

Picture of Post Em' Up!

Now that you have the condom/s ready take it and a suction cup, and while pushing on the wrapper ensuring that the condom is at the top of your message pierce the hook through the wrapper and condom for support.

Here is the part you have been waiting for. Take all your materials and put them in a bag that is easily accessible while your walking, and go out and put them up. The suction cup will stick to any flat smooth surface (glass works the best), and will attain much better suction if you moisten it, so give it a good spit just before you tack it on.

Don't be afraid to let people know how you feel.

Step 4: Disclaimer

Picture of Disclaimer

That's it!

Now as far as I know there is nothing illegal about tacking up useless condoms on the outside of buildings and cars (maybe littering, but not as harmful as an led throwie), now having said that plan to be blacklisted from any establishment that catches you complaining about their service. Of course if your upset enough to escalate to posting condom messages on their door letting others know of how you got screwed, then maybe you don't care about being blacklisted.

Lastly don't feel limited by the content depicted in this instructable, be creative, have fun, be careful.

Please send me a message if something is amiss in this instructable and comment in any great tales or new techniques that you discover. If you use this instructable post pics to Flickr with a "Creative Discontent" tag.



gkelly2 (author)2015-07-18

what really cracks me up is the fact you can buy condoms in a hardware america :p yeah now I know where all the tradies go to get their groove one, no wonder the US tradies never leave their toy (hardware) stores bahahahaha

potato413 (author)2008-07-08

not to be rude, but this is a stupid idea. no ones going to think anything but "thats weird..." if they find a condom with a note on it.

Well...okay. Its a way to change people's thinking. I would find it interesting, and always figure if there's one person doing something or thinking something, others are too. I'd think its cool, therefore there are probably others who would, or might begin to if they see it. Its just not mundane. Its cool.

bowmaster (author)2009-03-13

I use a needle to poke some holes in it first. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!

littlebastard (author)bowmaster2009-09-18

AHAHAHA how funny it is to possibly ruin someone plans by bringing an unwanted child into the mix? we'd be better off if your parents had used a condom

bowmaster (author)littlebastard2009-09-21

I make sure to kill you first when I'm king of the world.

littlebastard (author)bowmaster2009-09-21

I'll be waiting sir. A Challenger Appears

cokebottle tuque (author)2009-01-28

Personal I vote for not piercing the packaging in any way, if there is some one stupid enough to be using a pierced condom do we really want facilitate them contributing to the gene pool?

ritzfaber (author)2008-09-18

Great! I'm into this kind of thing... There's a great book called "The Guerilla Art Kit" which you'll find interesting. And why not use BluTack or even wheat paste glue (cheap, biodegradable homemade stuff and you can just lick-and-stick) as an adhesive? Keep it up!

zoundsPadang (author)2007-09-09

if you didnt pierce the packaging your green score would skyrocket b/c SOMEONE's bound to use some of them....

pdip_stiffi (author)zoundsPadang2007-09-10

Hahaha! That is probably true, I guess I am confused by the idea of using a condom I found on the street.

jongscx (author)pdip_stiffi2007-11-04

I second that... honestly, you DON'T know where that's been...

firesketch (author)jongscx2008-08-30

A few of my mates would probably prefer getting condoms this way.
Man, I have weird friends.

firesketch (author)firesketch2008-08-30

Oh, and great idea man!

Limadito (author)2007-05-19

Just an idea: spraying the condom's envelope in white or black paint will display your writting clear (if the solvents do not dissolve the wrapping, of course...). Wrapping the original envelope with tape may work too. Very good idea!

pdip_stiffi (author)Limadito2007-05-19

That is something I thought about and is a good idea to make the text easier to read, however expecially with the NYC condom I was afraid the object itself would become too ambiguous. Another more involved process i was thinking about, would be to remove the condom, wash it, stretch it, and write your message with a ballpoint pen, then pierce it and hang it with the suction cup.

Limadito (author)pdip_stiffi2007-06-02

If you wash-strech-and-write the condom, then will be useless... On the other hand, if you do't modify the original envelope the condom could still be used.

pdip_stiffi (author)Limadito2007-06-03

I was actually piercing the condom in the package as well so for me there is only a level of involvement difference. I am curious to know why you think it matters that the condom be useful beyond the message carrier role? This is very interesting question. Thanks.

Limadito (author)pdip_stiffi2007-06-03

I think leaving the "rubber" untouched is a good idea because a condom is a condom. You never know when you will need one. If you can deliver a messagge in this sort of reusable media two goals are achieved: the message itself (wrote in the condom envelope) and some degree of deploy on the safe-sex behaviour (the condom itself) . Just my two cents.

solo.card (author)Limadito2008-03-25

Regardless of whether the thing was pierced or not, I don't think I could ever trust a condom I found stuck to a window, with a random message on it.

On limadito's point I'd like to add that if they use the condom in an emergency your message will be remembered pretty well... Also it will be connected with a a good feeling, augmenting it's good publicity...

loki1889 (author)2007-05-04

I have to say that your instructable stopped me in my tracks. I loved it. I am not a fan of most civil disobedience because, for the most part, it simply doesn't work. Anymore, picketing and marching are largely ineffective. They no longer have the same kind of social impact that they did 40-50 years ago when merely standing up and standing out was unusual enough to get people's attention (and enough by itself to get you arrested for that matter). Now such action is the acting-out equivilent of a bake sale; a great way for people to feel like they've done something without the unpleasant effect of actually having done anything at all. If picketing and marching don't work, many individuals or groups know they WILL get attention through property damage, riot or violence. However, such tactics pretty much guarantee the message will be received unsympathetically if not lost completely in the aftermath. The whole point of civil disobedience is to present a message in a way that makes people stop and notice it. The other thing about civil disobedience is that your rights stop at the point where they interfere with someone else's. Your expressions of creative discontent are in your face, arresting, and clever enough to get people's attention. And because they are non-destructive, they are also inherently respectful of others. Ultimately we do all still have to live together even if we don't always agree. Well done!

nagutron (author)loki18892007-05-08

Here, here.

royalestel (author)2007-05-08

I always wonder who the heck has the time to protest something? I'm too busy trying to pay my bills.

pdip_stiffi (author)royalestel2007-05-08

All the more reason to design methods that are quick and easy to use. Not to mention the non-permanent aspect that will save you tons of detainment time with the cops.

stevoIution (author)2007-05-04

GET A JOB! Hahaha. If i saw one of these (and actually read it), I would say "Wow, what credibility, what integrity" This idea could make newspapers and the internet obsolete! You're a true activist and I applaud what you are doing to influence people, just revolutionary. Would writing my generic slogan directly onto a used condom have more impact? Most people don't give a shit about anything except looking cool so if reading lame political bullshit written in permanent marker on a jimmy hat is cool then this is effective. McDonalds will be advertising on maxi-pads next.

pharoah (author)2007-05-04

One of the few graffiti instructables I actually like! Even better than a throwie :)

mrmath (author)2007-05-04

I really like the idea of voicing your opinion without being destructive. This and the wax tagging are great ideas.

dr15 (author)2007-05-04


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