Picture of Creative Glow Stick Photography
In this Instructable I will show you an interesting photo shoot you can do using glow sticks.

Another Great Instructable using other lights besides Glow Sticks by T3h_Muffinator


Step 1: What you Need

Picture of What you Need
Today we're going to show you how to get creative with your camera (or your parent's) using glow sticks. I got this idea from watching the Poi jugglers in Boston Commons one afternoon.

What you need:
-A Tripod or the self-timer feature on any camera
-Some glow sticks (you can find these at the local Convince store or Dollar Store)
-Ceiling fan (optional)

I know how you got the circle but how did you get the sphere like pic?
flare7657 years ago
skaskank7 years ago
Long exposures would probably help too. Good instructable very clear.
Hawaii000007 years ago
I wish so bad that I had a fan in my room.
divyamistry7 years ago
neat stuff. I'm gonna do this with V symbol (V for Vendetta) in front of our poli-sci. building. It'll be great!
I like this kind of photgraphy, My friend and I experimented with fire and photgraphy a while back and it was amazing, with practice you can draw shapes, think homemade fire poi but with a solid shaft instead of strings, this allows you to get some crazy shapes including the flaming bow tie of doom and an elephant were the best I could do, try glow sticks taped together in series of colours around spining objects (I used a big fan)

I truuuuly dooo, it reminds me of my own Light ;)

Great work, I love how yours produces geometric shapes.
Keep up the awesomeness!,
Dantex8 years ago
i love it
fegundez18 years ago
my eyes cant stop enjoy in those pictures