Hi everyone!!! It is me, KawaiiChild! I just wanted to say, you are all amazing, and I hope you feel the same about me. So this is for the jewelry contest, and I hope you vote for me!!! Now, if you need a kawaii piece of jewelry, please continue!!

Step 1: Materials

1. Ribbon any color

2. Charms or beads

3. A head

4.Glue or tape

Step 2: Step One ::)

You will want to make sure that the ribbon fits around your head. If you have a ribbon like mine, you will want to make it thinner. Then string on your charms and beads. Almost done! Glue the ends of the ribbons together, but make sure it fits your head. Finally, let it dry, and you have creative head jewelry!! You can use any charms or beads to write anything you want! Make it unique. Make it you!!!

Step 3: Done

Very simple, And it is perfect for music festivals or being a hippie child. Either way, it works!!! Thanks for reading. Join my instructables fam. Follow me!! Bye bye!!!

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