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Learning Objective
By following a design and make activity the students will be introduced to tools such as coping saws, a variety of files, pillar drill, and abrasive paper. As an introduction to engineering skills the students will learn what a metal lathe is and how to operate it safely. Using the metal lathe will include 3jaw chuck, centre drilling and drilling a hole to a given depth.Students will learn how to follow a creative design process and how to behave in a workshop, the practical nature of this task opens oppertunities for the students to learn a new skill, apply it and then be encouraged to support others. This helping of others holds significance as Bloom's Taxonomy states that to teach others a skill means that student has mastered that skill and is using higher order thinking. Theory lessons are part of any good project and will teach the students important knowledge of plastics and their properties, how to analyse a product, and how plastic products are produced in factories.

The worksheets and homework's are attached below


Step 1: Creative Thinking

Resources: Work booklets / colouring pencils / Inspiration work sheet / scissors / glue
  • The students should have brought in some images to use on their inspiration page. They need to cut out the images and stick onto the work sheet.
  • Instruct them on how to use the images
    • Simplify - look for the basic lines that make up the image or part of the image
    • Change - Rearrange / Repeat / Replace to create a new shape that can be later used for a design
    • Colour - Use blended colour to enhance the work.
  • Create a design page with three designs on it, each design shows the top and bottom halves in 2D.
  • Now get the students to annotate their ideas with the following
    • What inspired your work.
    • Do you like the idea?.....Explain why
    • What could be changed to improve the work?

<p>Can I do this with wood? I do not have any tools for metal in my shop. Also, I love your patterns, but could kids create their own too?</p><p>Thank you for sharing!</p><p>Heather </p>
<p>Wow.... It's very simple, so i can make that. Can you give me vote and like?? I hope i win :)</p>
VERY COOL!!<br><br>I'll have to make 1 or 3 to put on my desk....8=D<br><br>Thank you for sharing Sir.
Hi James, Defo upload a pic if you do :)
Very handsome photos you chose.
I considered drawing glasses on and cutting out a silly hat for mikesaurus......then i thought i would be mocking a judge......perhaps not wise!?
more silly hats and googly-eyes!

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