Picture of Creative Plant Pot with Car Tires

Through this instructable we will be creating a cool and unique Plant Pot. The great thing is once you have created one of different design.

Step 1: Things Needed

Picture of Things Needed
Things you will need:

Car Tire
Sharp Knife or Cutter
Screw Driver
Drill Machine

Step 2: Get Startet

Picture of Get Startet
To start this project, firstly get a tire and draw a cool design on tire with marker of paint brush. See picture.

Step 3:

Picture of
After Draw design next step is cutting of tire with sharp Knife on drawing.  It is too hard so cut the tire very carefully.

Attention: Also wear the gloves.

Step 4: Lower Part

Picture of Lower Part

After cutting you will get a part of tire that is the lower part of plant pot.  Remember that during make drawing or cutting leave some space for screws. Now drill four holes on the edge of this part with Drill Machine.
See picture.

Step 5:

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The most important process about this instructable.  This process is very tough so very carefully.  Now bend over the tire after this you will get a unique design of tire.

Step 6:

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Now tight the both of parts (lower part and upper part) with screw.

Step 7:

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After thigh the both parts you get a unique pot. now paint on it that you like. I also like white that contrast of my house walls.

Step 8:

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In last Step get a wooden sheet and plastic sheet and close the center big hole of your plant pot. 
Now fill this plant pot with Clay and adjust your plant in it. Finally your Unique, cool and cheap plant pot is ready.
Judith7563 years ago
I am old...55...I can remember these all over my grandparents yard in Tennessee when I was growing up. Brings back so many good memories.
Thanks for the great plans.
I always wondered how these were made! They were all over where I grew up. Great job. :D
idealman_58 (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
ChrysN3 years ago
That looks really nice, hard to believe it was a car tire, nicely done!
idealman_58 (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
breumer3 years ago
Verry nice !
idealman_58 (author)  breumer3 years ago
CementTruck3 years ago
Totally not what I was expecting. Must have misread the title. ;)

Cool 'ible!