Are you planning on purchasing a new pair of speakers, but want them to be unique? Then stop right here - This guide has it covered. Speakers were first used decades ago, but since then speakers have evolved greatly. Speakers are currently used in a wide variety of applications, from your typical computer speakers, to portable items such as cellphones and game systems. Here are eleven speaker related Instructables that you will be unable to find anywhere else.

Acoustic instruments radiate sound in a wonderfully complex, 360 degree fashion, while conventional loudspeakers radiate in a much more boring, spotlight of sound. You could spend a ton of money on f...
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Are you tired of those old black speakers that only just make sounds? Maybe sound reactive lights are just not enough to impress you? How about a Plasma Speaker? A plasma speaker is a device that g...
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Semi-invisible shelves made from glass to hold surround sound speakers. I just moved into my own place and wanted to mount my 5.1 surround sound system. Not knowing the exact thread for the speakers a...
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Get surprisingly good results from disposable picnicware! Turn an ordinary styrofoam plate into a decent sounding speaker. Original project design from Jose Pino. See the Test Results in the video.
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Give your speakers some extra personality by making them out of a vinyl doll. Kid Robot makes the easily hackable 7" Munny doll and I've been meaning to cut one up. The combined need for some new spea...
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Ever get one of those cards for your birthday that plays music when you open it? Don't throw it away! With a little help from Tony the Tiger, you can use it as a speaker for your iPod.
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Have you ever thought of making your own portable speaker in a CD case? Here is how you do it.
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Yet another Altoids tin speaker project. The speaker, circuitry, a single AA battery and 3.5mm male-male audio cable all fit together in the tin. Power is supplied with a Maxim MAX756 chip with circui...
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Well i had an old speaker from a tape/radio so i thought i'd free it from its turquoise confinement and put it into somthing stylish! Supplies: FOSSIL WATCH CONTAINER EXACTO KNIFE SCISSORS RULER A SP...
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This is a very simple and fun way to make a regular canvas painting a bit more interactive. I recently moved to a small town in Scotland with my wife for educational reasons, and was getting a little ...
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In this instructable we will make a speaker out of a hard drive.
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You may have seen these in the Make Blog. This is how to make your own.
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Building your own custom speakers has got to be one of the most rewarding, straightforward and cost-effective DIY activities I've come across. I'm absolutely shocked that it hasn't had a larger presen...
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