You need to cover it; you need to use it; you need to make it awesome!  It's your iPhone and these 25 Instructables will show you how to jazz it up and make it your own!  Check out these great accessories that make using your iPhone easier and more fun than ever!
Bluetooth Handgun Handset for your iPhone: iGiveUp style
How to turn an airsoft handgun and a bluetooth headset into a fun, fully functional handset for your iPhone. Pull the trigger to receive calls and to, um, end them. Listen through the barrel, and talk...
Plush Iphone Sleeve style
I made a plush mobile phone sleeve that looks like an Iphone.  The phone sleeve is made using faux fur, felt and a print of an Iphone screen  You can keep your Iphone protected in it's sleeve and stil...
Making A Glove Work With A Touch Screen style
You can do this in just a few minutes without a lot of know-how.  Winter's coming up (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere) and with winter comes cold  weather, and with cold weather comes gloves.  B...
Easy Fix for Horizontal iPhone Pocket Syndrome style
According to a very scientific poll at everythingicafe, 41% of people put their iPhone in their right front pocket and 34% in their left front pocket. (http://www.everythingicafe.com/forum/threads/whi...
Devil themed iPhone for Halloween style
This is just a bit of iPhone fun for Halloween and is super quick and easy to do :) of course, this will work on all phone brands, mu haaa haa haaaa
iPhone Gameboy casemod style
A couple of weeks ago, news of an iPhone case with the image of a gameboy came out of Japan. Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea, but no one could find a place to purchase them. Looking at ...
Levi's iPhone jacket style
In this Instructable, I will show you how to turn any old trousers (Yes, the title says Levi's, but this works with any other trousers, too - I don't even wear jeans) into an iPhone or iPod Touch jack...
Felt iPhone Envelope style
I think this is a pretty simple project and a lot of fun. No sewing machine required. You just need to know a basic blanket stitch.
bouncy sugru bumper for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S + NEW VIDEO style
<br> After having sugru bumpers on my iPhone for a year I learned just how protective they are... so I made this video to show you just how much I trus...
Microfiber lined phone case style
A soft case that holds your phone and cleans its glossy screen at the same time. A pocket for the phone, a flap with elastic to hold it in place and microfiber everywhere to keep the finger smudge dow...
How to Make a Duct Tape iPhone Case style
I love my iPhone, so I'm also paranoid about scratching it. However, I can't stand those big plastic cases, and came up with a way to make thin Duct tape cases for several gadgets. This instructab...
Denim Gadget Case style
This got featured on Gizmodo !! Click here to see itOver the summer holidays i've been doing a lot of stuff, and like a real man, i wore jeans. However the things i do are so awesome the jeans couldn'...
Fluffy Monster Case style
Win this monster case!! Only $1! This cute case fits a Blackberry, digital camera, mobile phone, iPod or iPhone and is the prize in a charity lottery to raise money for Haiti -----------------------...
Walkman Ipod Case - DIY style
This is my old Sony Walkman Sport. It took me everywhere since high school. When i traveled to japan years ago i heard of some people putting the "new" iPod in them. So i kept mine thinking i would do...
NES Controller iPhone4 Skin style
Do you have a boring clear case for your uber cool iPhone 4?  Well, here is your chance to make your iPhone4 to look even cooler!
Micro-Fiber iPod/iPhone Case style
I needed a case to protect my shiny new iPod Touch, The problem was i didn't want a bulky silicone case and nor did i want a fashionable but unpractical one, this and i didn't want to buy something i ...
iPhone Locking Wrist Strap style
Imagine that you are taking a picture on a bridge with your iPhone. You drop it and you are out $200. You have three choices to prevent this from happening. 1, don't take pictures on bridges. 2, put d...
iSticks: How to make a drumstick for an iPad. style
Multi-touch is a wonderful thing.  But sometimes, the act of creating is done with a tool, like a drumstick or a stylus.  It turns out, it's easy to make a set of drumsticks for a modern capacitive de...
Make Conductive Rubber: Transparent stylus-iPod/iPhone style
I call it Oogoo II. It is a DIY conductive silicone rubber that can be used to create a transparent stylus for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other capacitive screen smart phones. Because the contact part o...
Macro (
Get much closer to subjects than usual simply by adding a low-cost macro lens attachment to your iPhone's exisiting camera lens -- with no risk of damage.
iPhone Magnifying Camera Mod style
*Updated Dec. 9, 2009.* I had some lenses from various sources sitting around and wanted to devise an easy way to use them with my camera phone to take magnified pictures and videos.  At first, I jus...
Iphone Camera Deluxe style
Make your iPhone shine from the rest with a lens changing system and a camera handle plus skins.
Lego iPhone Camera style
Be the life of the party when you start taking real photos with a Lego camera!!!  In reality, this is just a case for an iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4 is a very capable picture taker and its small form f...
How to Make an IPhone style
Do you let your kid play with your cell phone? Well, I did but when I upgraded to an IPhone I knew I had a problem - there was just no way I was going to let my toddler play with my awesome new toy. ...
Top Seekrit iPhone Book Safe! style
I love playing with my iPhone, but I don't like advertising that I'm carrying a highly expensive, highly stealable gadget. I decided to make a booksafe case so that I can carry it around with me, pla...