Introduction: Creative Ways to Exstinguish a Fire

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Here are several ways to extinguish a fire:
*Baking Soda
*Smothering it
*Crushing It

Step 1: Small Fire

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If its a small fire and if you have a big enough jar just cover the whole flame. The jar should be covering the candle/small fire. The jar should cut off the oxygen one of the essential to fire.

Step 2: Dirt

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This si the way to put a fire out with dirt. Bigger fires=more shovlesful of dirt. When putting out a fire with dirt make sure u cover everything the good part about using dirt si that that part of the fire cant relight. Cover all the fire this will suffacate the fire.

Step 3: Water

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If theres a fire this is the first thing that comes to mind is WATER!!! Well the larger the fire the more water youll need so the size ranges. Water puts out fire but can be evaporated and reelight if the fire is hot enough. Just pour the water on the fire. Aim at the embers that were the fire is.

Step 4: Baking Soda

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This is the semi creative one. It was well known that baking soda puts a fire out but the info has dispeared through the ages. Just four the powder on the fire and wham it out.

Step 5: Sorry

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Sorry I couldn't show picks of dead body or pee on a fire, but I thought that was a little inappropriate. But i did show you many ways to put a fire out and told you some other ways.


DaNerd11 (author)2008-07-08

if you lick your finger and then clamp down on a candle will it hurt?

edfel01 (author)DaNerd112008-08-03

no thats one of my favorite things to do with fire. just do it quickly

Dumchicken (author)edfel012011-09-01

my brother dose that every time he puts out a candle

DaNerd11 (author)edfel012008-08-05

yeah, after i asked that question i lit a match and did it, its pretty fun and doesnt hurt unless you leave ur fingers on it.

 Heck, you don't even need to lick you fingers first, thats the way I do it (I am not responsible if you try it that way and burn yourself). Just be careful.

Rishnai (author)2008-06-27

I've been camping and had one of the other guys get up in the middle of the night and pee on our fire. We were all very mad at that guy when we woke up cold and discovered that the fire had "gone out." It works, though!

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