Step 4: Digging Deeper

This is where things start to get a little crazy. 

First off, the small bar area in the basement usually becomes my electrical station. I take a fancy looking chess board I got at the flea market and use it as a work surface while I'm working with my soldering iron and other electronics. Its ceramic so its a good insulator for the heat. This has given rise to my Aether Sabers, and a few other experiments that frightened me off. When I started to accidentally arc weld with flash bulb capacitors out of disposable cameras I put them, and the rubber gloves, away.

In the sitting area downstairs there is a storage bench and a fireplace. I made very good use of the bench. It holds some of the longer pieces of wood and plexi glass I have, as well as cardboard and generally my tool and tackle box. The latter two get relocated depending on how much stuff gets piled on top of where I hide them. The tool box is just that, but it usually contains some things I picked up for my own personal use. Speed bore drill bits, soldering equipment, wire cutters and strippers. The tackle box was originally where I kept spare parts until it over flowed. Screws, wires, motors, hooks, chains, pieces taken from broken things because they looked like they may come in handy later. I could go on, and still not cover it all.

Lastly we come into my room. Under the bed not being very picturesque, it was left out. My entertainment center, trunk, tool boxes, tackle box and other jumble of materials is laid out best as can really be managed.

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Bio: Oh wow a lot can change in three years. can't say I forgot about this place but got pushed away from it a little.
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