Picture of Creature scarf
This eyecatching scarf is surprisingly easy to make and has loads of scope for personalising it with your own design. It requires a basic knowledge of sewing and a sewing machine. (I've used an overlocker but thats just because i've got one, a sewing machine will still give you great results)

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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
a) Lining fabric (i've used fleece)
b) Fur fabric
c) Felt scraps to make the face

d) Sewing scissors with sharp points
e) Marker Pen
f) Tape Measure or ruler
g) Chisel or craft knife (for making the button hole, you dont need these if you're not using a button closure)
h) Pins
i) Button (you could use velcro or a snap fastener if you're not confident at button holes)
j) Thread to match fabric

Large piece of paper or card  cut into a 90x20cm rectangle

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deangera1063711 months ago
These r sooo super cute
Plz make more I'll follow u definitely and btw ur sooo pretty a great model.
Wow these are really cute! =^-^=
Love all your monster stuff, I love monsters too! I made both my girls Monster Halloween costumes last year, which included furry monster hats. They have now grown out of them.

I'm planning on making them each one monster scarf as well as your monster hood/hat for winter. We live in the snowy mountains and my older daughter is going to school now I I think the monster hat & scarf would be way cooler than a plain hat & scarf.

I'm sure I could scale this down to fit my daughter since it's just a long rectangle, but I'm wondering how I could size down your hood/hat.
Thanks for this awesome instructable. I made this scarf for my sister for Xmas. Used the leftovers to make some little creatures for other peoples presents. I also sewed a pocket on the back of the monster face for my sister's ipod or headphones too. Heres how it turned out:
saffron695 years ago
Awesmoe tute... thanks a heap.. Ive just finished one for my son ... a green monster...lol he loves it. im thinking i have left over fur and so i might try to make him some mitts/gloves to match... anyway thanks a heap for this was fun to make.
desya5 years ago
 I know a half a dozen to make these for .... aduits to children..... evil wheels turning in my head
This is brilliance! I'm going to take this idea and do it with a different material! Thanks for posting. :]
Fork-H5 years ago
 Gonna try to make this for my girlfriend this weekend. Much thanks. :)
coolblue5 years ago
nie instructable and very orginal...ill do my my best to make something simillar..oh and btw you are really cute:)
codongolev5 years ago
imma ur scarf! i eat ur face! *munchy* 
I enjoy your assortment of hats. they're very floppy. 
alittlestranger (author)  codongolev5 years ago
they're good for covering up the day before's backcombing :)

but mostly they're good at being floppy.

can you tell I like the word floppy?

SparklePwny5 years ago
 Absolutely ♥ them!!  I'm going to make one (or two) of my own for sure.

The ear-warmers in pic2 are adorable - did you make them?  If so, might that be a possible ible?!  Pretty pleeeease~
Scarf on guitar.JPG
alittlestranger (author)  nielsen.oscar5 years ago
awwww i like the teef!! 
Goodhart5 years ago
Cool !   A featured creature scarf  ;-) 
BECKBERRY5 years ago
Oh. . . I thought a cute girl was being attacked by a monster. . . **puts sword away, gets out glue gun**  Very nice!  Your ible is very well done.
 I made one for a friend for Christmas.  Thanks for the inspiration and the well laid-out instructable.
Butler475 years ago
These will make awesome gifts. ^^

Jmnicebike5 years ago
I adore the easy and fun project.  Great idea!  

I made two for my young nieces this weekend, so I did cut the size down just a tad. 

I plan to wrap them up as "Homework Helpers".  If you're chilly, he'll warm you up, if you're stuck on a problem, he will whisper wisdom to you. If you're lonely, he is right there to keep you company.

Thanks for the awesome project.
creatures 010.jpg
alittlestranger (author)  Jmnicebike5 years ago
eeee! they're great your nieces are gonna love them!! I really like that flowery lning you used on the white one! :) 
This was all scrap material. That  black is a cute flannel. 

I realized after posting that the pic does not  show that  the blue fur guy has  pink pom pom trim on the lower edge.
hishealer5 years ago
I love the bunny one!
I wonder if Sanrio would come get me if I made myself a Hello Kitty one...
alittlestranger (author)  hishealer5 years ago
oh man a hello kitty one would be toooo cute!
ninjakid5 years ago
I love it. After my friend teaches me to use my new/old sewing machine, I'm going to make one.
jstoner5 years ago
Love it... though I'd probably want a more masculine design.
pie popper5 years ago
i didn't catch how to do the ears??
alittlestranger (author)  pie popper5 years ago
The instructable is for the monster scarf, the other pics are to show what can be done with a little imagination to the pattern. I made the ears from two triangle pieces sewn, turned inside out and attached via a horizontal slit above the eyes. :)
oh ok! my mom had extra fuzzy fabric from a while ago that she got in Egypt. I can make one when we go to JoAnnes to get some felt and stuff!!!
P.S. i will show you a pick when it's finished.
melynia5 years ago
This is so cool!!! Im gonna make a Green and yellow one and its gonna be so cute with its smiley face sticking out its cute little tounge :P lol Thnx for the idea!!
le-Sid5 years ago
comment of my wife: "I WANT ONEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"
Dr.Hax le-Sid5 years ago
my wife wants one too, but not the scarf...  ay ay ay, what a cute model.
ariath5 years ago
Wooooooow!!! i love this ^^ soooo cute :3

i think i'll make one right now! XD

TeratoMarty5 years ago
A note on cutting fake fur- if you use a razorblade or an X-acto knife from the backing side, you can totally avoid chopped-up hunks of fur.  You only slice the backing that way.  You can also use an old electric trimmer to mow down the margins to make them easier to sew.
The model is almost as adorable as the scarves are!

I love this instructable, I may try it out soon.
This is great! I love the monster, and I also love that this is a pretty simple sewing project with a really professional looking result. I think this might be the perfect project for teaching my son how to sew (he's 8).
Lisa L.5 years ago
Fantastic!  I might make some for Christmas presents.  I know lots of girls who would love these!
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