Are you sick of picking up your mouse and the batteries falling out or rocking out in Rockband only to have your batteries fall out mid song? Do you have some form of tape holding your batteries in? Do you want you credit card to work for you instead of against you?

This Instructable will guild you through the process of making a kick ass battery cover for your lost or broken small device battery cover. This works with almost everything I own except for some TV remotes. In this Instructable I'm going to show you how I made two different styles of battery covers. I use two different examples not because I feel like you can't adapt this to any device but because I have a mixed array of pictures from two different devices! I hadn't even realized that this was the best Instructable ever until I was about mid way through the first cover.

The Instructable hopefully will become a launch point for many more on the use of old "Credit Cards". I use the term "Credit Card" as a generic term for any small piece of plastic that various company's hand out, some for free and some for your soul. You can get a stock pile of these by going to any store that offers a club card or membership cards. For this Instructable I will be using a gift card from Game Stop and a Wells Fargo ATM.

Is there a better use of a Credit Card out there? YOU TELL ME!!!

Enough babble!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Household Items Needed:

2--- "Credit Cards" or like card. Any plastic card will work for this Instructable! I would recommend at minimum two of these before starting as I over cut the first one I made.
Note: From here on out I will be referring to the card as a "credit card" for simplicity.
(you can get these for nothing at places like the grocery store or any other place that furnishes "club cards").

1---- Pair of scissors.

1---- Device that heats things up i.e.. Lighter, matches, the stove, heat adjustable soldering iron...... Gas Stoves are best because they serves two purposes, heat and a platform for bending, I will be using a combination of the lighter and the gas stove.

1---Medium C-clamp-- Depending on the technique used you may or may not need this. Read ON!

1---Butter Knife

1---Hobby Knife

1---Sharpee Pen or felt tip pen

1---Crap in "eye removal tool", referred to as "ERT" from here on out. Or you can use a nail, a paper clip or any other small cylindrical metal object.

1---Something straight edged for aligning your marks. I used another credit card for this as the size was appropriate and it had a nice square edge.

*Optional or Additional

1---Can of Plasti-Dip ( even if you don't plan on using this stuff for this Instructable I would suggest picking up a can as soon as possible, it has thousands of uses ).

1---Set of alligator clips with wire tying them together

1---Clock with pendulum arm or as I call it, "My Centrifuge".

1/2---Set of Common Sense (perhaps the hardest thing to come by for this Instructable). Perhaps this should be the first on the list or on any list.

Please See All Squbbles (square bubbles) for additional instructions and information

As a warning to all, this Instructable involves the use of heat and sharp objects so please take care and focus on what your doing while doing.

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