Step 9: Finished Product

This took 15-20 minutes total for me, minus the curing time of the Plasti-Dip. I have since made several other covers using this same method. I have also tried laser cutting some PETG, mylar, ridged vinyl and I by far like this method the most. IF YOU USE AN ACTIVE CREDIT CARD YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO SAVE MONEY and at the same time save money!!!!

Destroy those credit cards today and thank me tomorrow!

If you like this tutorial or find this to be useful please post feedback as it took me about six months to write this Instructable!
I cant believe I found this for CoC clans game just now: http://clanshelper.com/ - you receive free C-o-C gems instantly! I just tried that with all my clan! (pk2RDH3s3u)

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