Credit Card Cable Organizer/Holder





Introduction: Credit Card Cable Organizer/Holder

Recycle an old credit card/store card into a handy cable organizer!

This will prevent your cables on your stereo/compute from falling when disconnected, and minimizes tangling.

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Step 1: Find an Unneeded Stiff Plastic Card - a Credit Card or Store Card Is Ideal.

Mandatory Painfully Obvious Stuff That I Shouldn't Have To Say But Will Anyway

  • Don't use an active card, you can't repair it
  • Don't use an unneeded card with active credit card information on it, it's better to destroy those cards.

Step 2: Punch Holes and Cut Slits in the Card

Punch four to six holes and cut slits in the card to the holes. Not too many holes or you'll weaken the card. If the slits are slightly triangular, it's easier to slide the cable in and out.

Step 3: Attach to Back of Worktable, and Insert Cables

Attach to the table with a good quality stapler or workshop staplegun.  Try various mounting positions (horizontally works well as well). Velcro might be an option worth exploring.

The card will hold the cables, which is very handy for preventing them from sliding down if you remove them from the back of the computer/stereo/etc. It also nicely groups the cables and minimizes tangling.

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    So I just stubbled upon this idea, made one, and it works great! Thanks for sharing. You saved me money and the angst of figuring out which cable organizer would work best.

    here is an alternative of the same idea. first i used a transparent plastic from a dvd bundle-box, second i placed the holder between the parts of my comp.desk, so that's more stable and strong. no need for staples. photo attached.

    1 reply

    clean and simple.. excellent

    Excellent idea, thanks.

    This is an excellent idea!! Like most people I have raging messy wire syndrome. This will really help, thanks. I am off to make one now. :-)