Picture of Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet)
Turn your old Credit-Cards (or any plastic card) into a nice little flower box to grow your own mini flowers in.

These are sure to lighten up your fridge, office desk or any other drab place that needs a little of nature's creations to lighten it up.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Credit-Card (or similar)
Masking Tape
Sticky Tape
Scissors or Stanly Knife
Colouring pen/pencil (orange was the colour I chose)
Permanant Marker
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wyethia4 months ago

Great idea!! Can't wait to try it.

zahraimen made it!6 months ago

it is very beautiful, i made it

marevalo31 year ago
My mother and i made them today cause she had nothing to do and i was excited about this app :) im testing mine out so far
Kaspr0076 years ago
Thanks PocketSized, I just finished making mine. Cheers, Kaspr007
Etch3 Kaspr0076 years ago
what plant is that?
It's called Fittonia, likes indirect light, don't over water. I kept one on my desk at work for many years.
Kaspr007 Etch34 years ago
Not sure. It was a tropical from Home Depot. I'll keep my eyes open. If I see it again I'll grab the name.
whoa i just got pwned
nice job!!!
aiden1200008 years ago
your british are'nt you?
PocketSized (author)  aiden1200008 years ago
I certainly am.
I love British people! Even though I'm a stupid American....=( British people have awesome accents. Do Americans? Or are our accents lame and boring? Just curious to see what the rest of the world thinks of my vocal timbre ;) haha I used a word like that and yes, I am 12 years old. What.
Never be ashamed of the way you speak. British also have some pretty strange accents. As a fact their grammar is not always up to par. They often say "me has gone to the shop" heard this on a BBC site com. I was brought up in the USA and people here in Europe think that my accent is lovely. There it goes for the nice English one. American people are really the most friendly I have ever met. They're the most helpful and kind beings ever.
narf7 karinniki3 years ago
Err you would be talking about Jamaican english there... or Ali G type "English" thats not 'real' english...
Haha awesome. But honestly, do people pay attention to grammar as much as they used to? It makes me wonder how this world will be in 20 years...
i <3 british ppl just because Doctor Who ^^
I agree Britts have awesome accents, but American accents are arguably the most common. Course we have Hollywood so everyone thinks Americans have either "Southern" drawls or "Californian" accents. (Btw, I never knew the word timbre until two years ago. Surprising, since I am a musician in high school!)
Haha thats true...and also funny. I take private lessons and music theory during the school year on Saturdays for 5 hours...what instrument do you play? I play trumpet and ukulele...=)
Violin :D Private lessons year round (Fridays, 2 hrs), an ensemble program over the summer and Orchestra during the school year. I don't do much theory except to prepare for the "Certificate of Merit" program (it tests music theory and musicianship. 9/28th chair woot!!
Wait....Merit? Is that considering Merit School Of Music?
Uh what?
Certificate of Merit is just what the program is called...its run by the Teacher's Association of Music in CA or something like that...
YO, i'm british also.
1: I wish I had an accent. I am also a stupid boring American.
2: PYROMANIA! it is so FUN yet so DANGEROUS! (burnt my leg today with plastic)
the stanley knife and the o2 card gave it away
He wrote colour too.
oh, yeah, also. i loved this project, really original idea, ive made one and put lavender in it. i put it on my bedside table.(made out of an o2 card!)
wooo!! go england!!!!
julialam3 years ago
What about drainage? should i poke holes in the bottom and put a compartment underneath to catch the water?
It looks like that "weed" happens to be edible too- google "chickweed"
Keep This Card... LOL
Eleniel3 years ago
Very nice idea, I like it a lot- Albeit I have a couple questions before i am game to try it out!

What happens to the moisture when you water this plant, How does it escape or if this credid-card container retains moisture- how does the plants roots not rot?

Thanks :D

Mauigerbil4 years ago
This is cool!! I <3 plants!! I will try this sometime...
Mr. Pyro4 years ago
This might also make a nice little boat. Excuse me while I find an acceptable card.

Mr. Pyro4 years ago
BUT... The 4 corners could make a fantastic ninja star! or the expired card in general, but a mini planter is a much better idea. Plastic cards are great to throw at people. Wait, did I say that? *whistles and walks away*
I was wondering why those plants did't look like "normal" plants...
guyzo354 years ago
My roommate cooks all the time, and she loves them!

Thanks for the awesome idea!
justjaveed4 years ago
Nice one!
kesparza4 years ago
Y como se riega la plantita como hago para ponerle el agua, ayuda por favor?
lowbike14 years ago
I love it, going to make one today
rainbowlory4 years ago
how about a magnet on each end???
90mp114 years ago
Could you use the rare earth magnet and stick it inside of the box, to give a more uniform look to the box and let it stick to the fridge better?

Would busy lizzies be a good choice here?
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