Step 12: Your Ideas...

After publishing my instructable I started getting people mention some great ideas. So if they don't mind I'd like to share them with you (and give them credit of course).

ejk00 suggested:
Using coloured Duct Tape instead of using the Masking Tape and colouring pen/pencil.

KnittingFreak suggested:
Sticking kiddish stickers or mini photo's of friends/family onto your flower box to add the personal touch to it, and make it look more appealing than just the mild colouring.

Weissensteinburg suggested:
Using two magnets instead of just the one. This will help with stability and stop any chance of it spinning/tipping over.

capricorn suggested:
Growing cooking herbs in it.

Very Keri suggested:
Painting it and then covering it with buttons, rhinestones and/or ribbon. Then growing Basil in it.

crasch48 suggested:
Adding a little polymer from a nappy (diaper) or ladies pad will hold the water longer, thus requiring less watering.

xmariax suggested:
After colouring the masking tape, cover the Flower Box with a little sticky tape.
This helps to give it a glossy, wipe-proof look.

musicalbee2003 suggested:
Using a strip magnet instead of a normal magnet.

stephaniepotter suggested:
Growing plants in it that have very shallow roots, such as aloe, cacti, or mosses.
Bindweeds6 years ago
Or you could use it to start seeds for larger projects! It doesn't even have to have plants in it. This box would be great to hold paper clips, pushpins for a cork board, or something else small.
nerfer1927 years ago
i suggest putting popsicle sticks on it to give a fence look