The credit card grappling hook is a whimsical little project that combines a credit card, some simple hardware, fishing line thread, and a sewing machine bobbin.  It's functional for light grappling duties, but is mostly just meant to be used as a toy and for entertainment.

Step 1: Materials

The first step is to gather the materials.
  • 2 credit cards
  • fishing line
  • rubber band
  • sewing machine bobbin
  • bolt
  • 2 nuts
  • wing nut
  • 3/16" binding post to fit bobbin
so how does the hook retract?
<p>ur hand lol</p>
how far can it shoot?
I like it. Imagine over-the-wall cubicle treasure hunts--snag it and you get to keep it ! But, as the safety rep, I would love to find this on someone's desk. I'd have a good presentation at the next quarterly. Remember...It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
losing a nut isnt fun either
Totally wizard!
THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can hook lots of cool stuff with that thing.<br><br><br>:p tottaly rad man
y de que utilidad es este artefacto.<br />
Este artefacto es un&nbsp;aparato para subir paredes come si uno fuera un super-espia, pero solo sirve para arrastrar sillas or terrorizar a su gato :)
Dude I love google translate!<br />
isnt it beastly???
<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span title="Ha you're right!">Ha tienes raz&oacute;n! </span><span title="They should make a bigger version...">Deben hacer una versi&oacute;n m&aacute;s grande ...</span></span>
Saludos Dariokastro !<br /> &nbsp; Este artefacto, lo puedes utilizar como rescatador de barcos a escala, que se han quedado varados en alguna piscina, lago, estanque, ETC, &nbsp;por alguna falla.<br /> &nbsp;En &nbsp;nuestro grupo de Modelismo Naval, lo llamamos &quot;*911&quot; (asterisco 911) o &quot;rescatador&quot;, es muy &uacute;til, desdeluego es de un dise&ntilde;o diferente, ya que utilizamos un carrete mas grande, sedal o cord&oacute;n,&nbsp;y una pelotita de esponja en un extremo.- Asi es que yo lo encuentro ideal para este prop&oacute;sito, ya que&nbsp;es de reducido tama&ntilde;o&nbsp;y puedes llevarlo en cualquier bolsillo.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;Puedes visitar el&nbsp;sitio en la web, de Modelismo Naval de Reciclado, es muy intresante: http://mx.groups.yahoo.com/group/ppnautica.<br /> Estaremos en contacto<br /> Atte. PPsailor&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;
what is wrong with the spanish speaking? <br>
i hate how you have a drill press and i dont
Really nice idea. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sew, what is the purpose of this?
absoluty nothing!(no jk its just for fun)&nbsp;
I'm gonna build one and harrass the teacher
ya go grappling hook<br />
this thing is cool<br />
&nbsp;cool! im going to build a few of these for my friends
so what is this supposed ta do?
Wait... Everytime I&nbsp;shoot it (I&nbsp;got one made last night in my sleeplessness)&nbsp;it just hits the card.... How do I&nbsp;fix it. I&nbsp;tried shooting from every angle possible and it always just hits the card or barely misses.<br />
Mine seems to work fine. &nbsp;I just aim like normal with the rubber band hand and then pivot the back of the card down a bit to keep it out of the way.&nbsp; Interesting...I&nbsp;haven't had a collision yet.<br />
I&nbsp;found my problem... my screw/bolt was alot bigger and heavier then the one you used. I&nbsp;went out to the garage and found some smaller/lighter screws/bolts and fixed it. Now it does great&nbsp; :D<br />
:,D wel all i can say is lol-rotc (laughing out loud - rolling on the chair) ...&quot;admin-made credit card ibles&quot;...<br />
&nbsp;i am swinging on my bunk bed yay&nbsp;<br /> jk Still fun
hahaha thats really cool,<br /> You could sharpen the wings of that nut to make them grip more and superglue a match to the bobbin to use as a handle to wind it in.<br /> <br /> very nice 5/5<br />
You there!&nbsp;Stop larking about with credit cards and get some real work done!<br /> <br /> Wait did you say grappling hook? 5/5!<br />
The second I&nbsp;find an old card or two I'm making one :D<br />
heh-heh-&nbsp;heh-&nbsp;heh...heh-&nbsp;heh...BUWAHAHAH<br /> oh the fun you could have with this little guy :D&nbsp;

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