Picture of Credit Card Grappling Hook
The credit card grappling hook is a whimsical little project that combines a credit card, some simple hardware, fishing line thread, and a sewing machine bobbin.  It's functional for light grappling duties, but is mostly just meant to be used as a toy and for entertainment.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The first step is to gather the materials.
  • 2 credit cards
  • fishing line
  • rubber band
  • sewing machine bobbin
  • bolt
  • 2 nuts
  • wing nut
  • 3/16" binding post to fit bobbin

Step 2: Attach fishing line to hook

Picture of Attach fishing line to hook
Using a larks head, attach one end of the fishing line to the grappling hook.  Assemble the grappling hook so it matches the one in the photos below.

Step 3: Wind bobbin

Picture of Wind bobbin
Wind the fishing line around the sewing bobbin just like you would wind thread on the sewing machine.  This is a fast, clean and easy way to load up your spool with many feet grappling line.

Step 4: Tape two cards together

Picture of Tape two cards together
The structure for the grappling hook is basically just the credit card itself, so in order to keep it stiff and strong, I used double sided tape to stick two cards together.

Step 5: Drill holes

Picture of Drill holes
Drill holes in the card for the hook launcher (rubber band) and the binding post that will hold the cable spool (sewing bobbin).

Step 6: Attatch spool to card

Picture of Attatch spool to card
Attach the bobbin to the card using the binding post and then loop the rubber band through the top hole to create the elastic launcher.  I made a slight dimple in the back edge of the card that the rubber band fits into which allows me to easily stow the grappling hook when it's not in use.

The last steps are to go shoot at stuff, try to real it in, and to have fun!

sdbersey3 years ago
so how does the hook retract?
ChrisC1 sdbersey7 months ago

ur hand lol

adale1231 year ago
how far can it shoot?
01glide3 years ago
I like it. Imagine over-the-wall cubicle treasure hunts--snag it and you get to keep it ! But, as the safety rep, I would love to find this on someone's desk. I'd have a good presentation at the next quarterly. Remember...It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
losing a nut isnt fun either
rockyrakun3 years ago
Totally wizard!
marley573 years ago
THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can hook lots of cool stuff with that thing.

:p tottaly rad man
dariokastro5 years ago
y de que utilidad es este artefacto.
Este artefacto es un aparato para subir paredes come si uno fuera un super-espia, pero solo sirve para arrastrar sillas or terrorizar a su gato :)
Dude I love google translate!
isnt it beastly???
Ha tienes razón! Deben hacer una versión más grande ...
(removed by author or community request)
Buenos dias (Senor) como Esta?
Saludos Dariokastro !
  Este artefacto, lo puedes utilizar como rescatador de barcos a escala, que se han quedado varados en alguna piscina, lago, estanque, ETC,  por alguna falla.
 En  nuestro grupo de Modelismo Naval, lo llamamos "*911" (asterisco 911) o "rescatador", es muy útil, desdeluego es de un diseño diferente, ya que utilizamos un carrete mas grande, sedal o cordón, y una pelotita de esponja en un extremo.- Asi es que yo lo encuentro ideal para este propósito, ya que es de reducido tamaño y puedes llevarlo en cualquier bolsillo.
  Puedes visitar el sitio en la web, de Modelismo Naval de Reciclado, es muy intresante:
Estaremos en contacto
Atte. PPsailor 
lolo111134 years ago
what is wrong with the spanish speaking?
Capt. Kidd4 years ago
i hate how you have a drill press and i dont
nk974 years ago
Really nice idea. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!!!!!!!!!
rosesand565 years ago
Sew, what is the purpose of this?
absoluty nothing!(no jk its just for fun) 
Veve Tech5 years ago
I'm gonna build one and harrass the teacher
mrbones1214 years ago
ya go grappling hook
this thing is cool
 cool! im going to build a few of these for my friends
awesomemom5 years ago
so what is this supposed ta do?
Wait... Everytime I shoot it (I got one made last night in my sleeplessness) it just hits the card.... How do I fix it. I tried shooting from every angle possible and it always just hits the card or barely misses.
noahw (author)  Biohazard11945 years ago
Mine seems to work fine.  I just aim like normal with the rubber band hand and then pivot the back of the card down a bit to keep it out of the way.  Interesting...I haven't had a collision yet.
I found my problem... my screw/bolt was alot bigger and heavier then the one you used. I went out to the garage and found some smaller/lighter screws/bolts and fixed it. Now it does great  :D
an_artist5 years ago
:,D wel all i can say is lol-rotc (laughing out loud - rolling on the chair) ..."admin-made credit card ibles"...
hi1115 years ago
 i am swinging on my bunk bed yay 
jk Still fun
=SMART=5 years ago
hahaha thats really cool,
You could sharpen the wings of that nut to make them grip more and superglue a match to the bobbin to use as a handle to wind it in.

very nice 5/5
Kryptonite5 years ago
You there! Stop larking about with credit cards and get some real work done!

Wait did you say grappling hook? 5/5!
The second I find an old card or two I'm making one :D
fwjs285 years ago
heh-heh- heh- heh...heh- heh...BUWAHAHAH
oh the fun you could have with this little guy :D