Credit Card SD Holder





Introduction: Credit Card SD Holder

I've been carrying around a USB flash drive on my key chain to hold all that geeky stuff I need, but I decided that was totally 2006! Now that they have those SD cards that also have the USB interface I thought I could lose some of the stuff on my key chain, and just hold one of those in my wallet. The following is an example of how that could be done, as well as pretty simple instructions(I think).

Step 1: The Supplies...

model SD CARD
cutting board
Fake credit card

I get a few fake credit cards in things a week, so there isn't a whole lot of stress involved if/when I make a bad cut.

Step 2: Do Some Tracing...

Pretty simple, just trace the SD onto the paper.

Step 3: Get to Cutting

Also pretty simple, I used a straight edge and cut on the inside of the line I had previously drawn. That way the fit would be snug.

After a quick bit of usage testing I put some masking tape on the end of the card so that I could pull it out easily.

Good luck!



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    Where do you get the fake credit cards from? Are they just in junk mail or something?

    Yeah, exactly. I get them from junk mail.

    That sucks, im in New Zealand, and we don't get plastic ones like that lol, just cheap cardboard ones.

    There are plastic cards that size, available for free, by the ton, in every developed country. Every coffee place, donut shop, dollar store, etc, etc, has its own gift card nowadays. Some have a preprogrammed amount while others don't. If you're looking at the ones that don't have a preset amount then they will usually be at the counter or cash, usually without any type of packaging, and you can just grab a few. If on the other hand the amount is on them then they'll usually be on a revolving rack and will be individually packaged. Those cards only work when they're activated at the point of sale, so they have no value other than a couple cents worth of plastic when they're on the rack, and here, again, there's nothing to stop you from grabbing a few.

    That looks good. I agree with Andrew... would it help to have something on the back? I can just imagine me getting one of those out of my wallet and popping the SD cards out on the floor and losing them! lol But hey, I'm just a klutz!

    Here's a crazy idea...just take another "extra" credit card and glue it to the back. Most credit card holders in wallets are designed for multiple cards anyway. For that matter you could use three cards(front, middle, and back) but then again you are back to the bulky aspect which spurred on this discussion.

    That is exactly what I've done with the holder I made. You need 3 plastic credit-type cards. The one in the middle has memory card slots cut out of it. Measure for size, then score a line at the bottom of the slot. Using sissors, cut "into" the card to the score line. Bend the tab you've cut to open up the score and it snaps neatly off. Trim for size and you have your slot. Superglue that to another card will form the back.
    The final card needs little notches cut out before gluing to allow you to slide the cards out. That's it! I use mine to hold 8 micro-sd cards and I'm very pleased with the result.

    Caveat: Use too much superglue and you could glue your card into the slot. Tip: If you find the cards are too loose a fit in a slot, you can put a little kink in the side by pressing down from the top on the empty slot. This tightens up the hole and the cards don't fall out. Enjoy! :-)

    Picture 48.jpg

    coincidence...last month I was think make this with my mini usb pen drive...but I was thinking to do with an old pcmcia card or old cut pci lan card too...pcmcia card is better than credit card, because is metal..and it's same size of credit card...

    this is a really great idea in theory but in practice not so much unless you have a stiff wallet..i did this awhile back for my PSP memory sticks but i broke my 2gig and 256mb cards cause they bent slightly in my wallet and the flash chip snapped in unless you make this out of a very rigid metal or something then i dont suggest doing it.

    I've been running this system since I put together the instructions, and I haven't had an issue. Where the cards are in my wallet might be fairly stiff though, because they are sandwiched in the pocket that is between where I put my credit cards(2) and the pockets where I put miscellaneous cards(like 4 or 5). I don't think you need to go so far as metal, but I agree that a rigid part of the wallet is probably best.