Is your iPhone tired of just laying around on your desk? Want it to get on up and move on with its life? Then make a quick stand out of an old credit card or other plastic membership card. All you need is a couple minutes and a pair of scissors.

I just made a similar iPhone stand that uses one club card and the two keychain fobs, but this time I wanted to do it with just one card and it works great.

All right, let's do this for iPhones everywhere.

Step 1: Get a Card

This is a plastic membership card from a New York drugstore that I'll never use since I live in California. You can get these in many places. In fact, you've probably been offered one today!

Step 2: Fold!

Folded! In half!

Step 3: Cut!

Now get out those scissors and cut out a shape like this on one side. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4: And Then... Well, That's It, Really

Look at that! Already done! Now just plop your iPhone in and use some cool app. This is a Flip Clock one that goes for 99 cents and mimics a flip clock I have at home so it makes me happy.

<p>cool !</p>
<p>Just made it...very cool,....thanks, ...wish it would handle the phone at vertical height...</p>
<p>Cool... I want make it.</p>
Nice. I will try it.
Simple and effective
Really great if you use an old iTunes card!!!
Very cool
Thanks for sharing a very cool instructable.
Way simple yet very useful. Awsome.
Way simple yet very useful. Awsome.
Thank you
That other guys iPhone stand from a card is better and much easier.<br />
&nbsp;Which one?
if am not wrong i think this one <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Credit-Card-iPhone-ipod-stand/
As long as people are happy with either solution, that's cool. Why not both!<br /> <br /> I like this solution since it's smaller and lifts the phone up a bit. That and that it can be unfolded and folded again many times and still work. Hinge fatigue shouldn't be a problem unless it tears.<br /> <br /> But his is cool since it doesn't need scissors.<br /> <br /> Best yet, both can be made when you have some downtime at your desk.
Ok I did it and its pretty cool
Great, I made this out of an old gift card and works great, thanks for posting :)
Thanks. Can take the stand with me in my wallet!
its really easy and trustworthy <br>
sweet. thanks.
Very nice!
OK, this is TOO BRILLIANT!! took me less than a minute to fix an old issue. Plus, I had a nice gleeful giggle when I put it to use for the first time. <br><br>now showing my BB built-in Flip Clock!<br><br>THANKS!!
&nbsp;Mentioned&nbsp;in TechEBlog!&nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/the-credit-card-iphone-stand" rel="nofollow"><br /> <br /> www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/the-credit-card-iphone-stand</a>
Nice! Thanks for the link.<br />
What app is that on the first picture? It looks like the HTC phone clock...
<a href="http://larvalabs.com/iphone/flipclock.html#iphonecontent">&nbsp;Flip Clock</a>
&nbsp;I'll have to make a few adjustments for my iPod touch but still awesome! What's the name of the app for the flip clock?
<a href="http://larvalabs.com/iphone/flipclock.html#iphonecontent">&nbsp;Flip Clock</a>
dnt u already make this?&nbsp;
In a different way, yes. That's what I'm talking about in the second paragraph.
Hey that's a good idea!!<br /> <br /> Hmmmm.... How did I get first comment??

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