If you have a membership card that's expired and is just taking up space you can turn it into your own iPhone or iPod stand with just a few cuts.

I used a Dremel to get the job done here, but you can easily do the same thing with a pair of scissors. A hole punch would be handy as well.

All, right let's make this thing!

Step 1: The Membership Card

Duane Reade is New York's "#1 Drug Store" and that's great for them, but I live in Califronia so it's perfect fodder for a project.

Here you can see the main card as well as the two smaller ones that you can put on your keychain.

Step 2: Notch the Big Card

First step here is to cut a couple notches in the big card. I used a Dremel with a cut-off wheel for this.

Step 3: Notch the Smaller Cards

I clamped the two keychain cards together and used the cut-off wheel again to cut a couple of angled notches in the cards.

Step 4: Cut Out the Holder

Now we need to cut out a space for the iPhone to go into. I used the Dremel again here.

Alternative: Use a hole punch to punch out the curved bottom of the notch and use a pair of scissors to cut out the rest.

Step 5: Put It All Together

Slide the big card into the notches on the two keychain cards and your stand is ready to go!

Step 6: Add IPhone

Now just drop your iPhone or any other iPhone-shaped gadget and you're good to go!

I originally planned on the phone resting on the big card, but the notches in the front held it on their own. It's still nice to have the full-size card in the back as you can use it to guide the phone into the notches.

That's it, now your iPhone can stand up for itself!

<p>Made it! Simple, effective. I can even still use to phone (Touching it lightly) when its on the stand!</p>
Simple & effective. I like.
Cool!<br/>Gonna try it with cardboard
really nice, cheapper and easy to do never else =) Maybe, we can try to cut the bigest one to make it smaller and it will work well, let me try =D<br>
doesn't the credit card scratches the iPod?<br />
No. It might do that if the hole was so small you had to really force it in there. As it is, it hasn't been a problem at all.<br />
what's Duane Reade?<br />
A drugstore chain in New York City. <br />
&nbsp;Woah! That's really smart!!! Pity I don' have any cards to spare...yet.&nbsp;
You will. Just sign up at a supermarket for a club card. Dead hotel keys also work.<br />
Nice idea!<br />
&nbsp;This is an awesome idea. I think if I build one I will try to make it a iPhone dock as well. If I could, somehow, make a bottom piece that holds an iPhone cable in the right place I think that would be a good addition.
Nice and Simple<br /> Nice Job!<br />
&nbsp;good one!
Easy and fun.<br /> <br /> Way to go :)<br />
How is it that Instructables HQ are suddenly inundated with these cards? Neat holder though :)<br />
&nbsp;Cool! &nbsp;You sure have a ton of ideas for Duane Reade cards. &nbsp;

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