If you have any sort of cards laying around and you don't know what to do with them then make unique playing cards!!!

Very cheap but takes a while to do.

• 52 or 56 plastic cards
• 52 or 56 labels (can print on)
• 2 different colored markers
• flat surface

Step 1: Organize Cards

You don't need to specifically organize the cards but I suggest it.

You need to make 4 decks of 13 cards. extras (4) are jokers. 2 decks will be one color, the other 2 the other color.

Step 2: Labeling

Place a label on desired side of card.

if the label is big then you could design it like a card.

Label all cards and if you have printing labels you can print card pictures on all of them

When labeling use a flat surface to make the edges flat.

Step 3: Drawing

Draw on the cards the correct number or type! Make them UNIQUE!!!
Cool idea. Would work really well with used gift cards.

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