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Introduction: Creeper A2 Painting

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This is a giant A2 painting of Minecraft's infamous Creeper!
Took a few hours, especially having to create a template to paint around for the square, but it;s so worth it!



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    Oh, just regular Acryllics from a local art shop! I mixed black adn white to give the different hues!

    That'ssssssss a nice painting you got there

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    It would be shame if ssssssssomething were to happen to it.

    BOOM! ssssssssssssssorry, you ssssssssstill alive BOOM!!! I sssssneased.

    Sssssssssso glad to find creeper fanssssssssss ssssssssssomewhere. I am obsssssssssesssssssssed with the creepersssssssss.

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    me too! they're cool - the only thing i dont like are the spiders...

    You should see the MAD episode, Criminal Minecraft: "We know it wasn't a Creeper because nothing blew up. And we know it wasn't a spider..... 'cause I'm too scared to ask!"

    Okkkkkkkkkkkkkk, How did u do that? paint? sharpie? cake?

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    It's a giant A2 canvas, and i used poster paints. My mum also made a template for the squares, so they woudl be even (i wouldn have done a tutorial, but i didn't know this website existed before!)
    Thanks for the comments :-)