Picture of Creeps (Spicy Marshmallow Creepers)
Just in time to be to late for Easter it's Creeps, the marshmallow treat with a bang!
As many of you probably know these were part of ThinkGeek's 2013 April Fools product line but this means, at least at time of writing, that they are also fake. This is a shame because it's a great pun and would make a great gift for the Minecraft enthusiast in your life. In keeping with the creeper's explosive tendencies I've added a twist to the marshmallow recipe, a jalapeno infusion. This gives these guys a spicy kick that sets them apart from their chick and bunny counterparts.

Note: For those of you who don't know, a creeper is a hostile monster (mob) from the game Minecraft. When a player ventures to near a creeper it explodes like a block of TNT. This nasty habit is the inspiration for making the Creeps spicy.

There are three parts to this project, each of which is sort of it's own mini project, but the best way to get real Creeps is to follow all of them. The parts are: Building a creeper shaped cutter, making the spicy marshmallow, and turning the marshmallow into creepers. First up is the cutter.
My boy and I made a batch of these last night. I don't have a stand mixer so I used a hand-held electric mixer. It barely had enough power to turn the mixture over after it thickened, but it did the job.
I used some aluminum for the cutter and it did fine. I overlapped on one of the long edges, didn't bother with attaching it in any way.
Dusting the cutter with the sugar/cornstarch mixture helped. Also used a knife to cut around the outside. For the face, I started free-hand with a toothpick, but then cut down a new pencil eraser and used it like a stamp. Dots came out vaguely square shaped.

Tried to attach some pics, but it's not cooperating.  Will try again later.
Ok. I think i got them.
bwrussell (author)  bloomautomatic2 years ago
Those look great, thanks for sharing! Did you make them spicy or regular? If they're spicy I'm interested in how they tasted, i.e. was my batch an anomaly or is my method for infusion actually repeatable.
Thanks, glad you like them. The boy took some to school today, so I'm sure it was the hit of the lunch-room. Kids have no idea how much effort went into them! We're taking them to the Cub Scout Banquet tonight, where I'm sure they'll also be popular.

Since they are for young kids, I made them plain old regular marshmallow flavor. I followed the Alton Brown recipe. For a while it looked like it wasn't going to work, but in the end they came out great. Probably a little firmer than the store bought stuff.
bwrussell (author)  bloomautomatic2 years ago
Probably a good idea, the spicy version has some pretty intense heat for a few seconds, at least my batch does.
These are so cute!
Ubertastic1 year ago

I dare you to make dusty brick ones

bwrussell (author)  Ubertastic1 year ago

I'm not sure what that means.

Such a good idea!
EmeraldOre1 year ago

Wow!!!! What an awesome idea! I have to make these sometime!

tringirl1 year ago
This is soooooo awesome!!!
Subdood1 year ago
Noah Tingey2 years ago
bwrussell (author)  Noah Tingey2 years ago
Thanks, glad you like them.
jedijaxson2 years ago
So funny and cool! XD 5* +Favorite!
bwrussell (author)  jedijaxson2 years ago
Thanks, glad you like it.
ArticAkita2 years ago
this was a enjoyable read! I like peeps & personaly wish they would make a 'April fools' peeps themed marsmellow goody, Jalepenos are quite tasty added to strawberry jam (juiced one in a batch mmmmmmm!)
bwrussell (author)  ArticAkita2 years ago
Thanks! That's an interesting twist on pepper jelly (or strawberry jam depending on your outlook) I'll have to try it. I've got some Serrano plants starting, a little more kick but so good.
Guys I was forced one day to make a plan as the MRS mixer decided that it need parts that were n.a. The batter was too tough for her machine. I then took my 750 watt drilling machine with one of the beaters locked into the chuck. Now I have to either get a sturdier lock for my tool chest or buy her her own machine so ladies if your handheld electric mixer is not powerfull enough use a drill of 500 watt or bigger running at 32000 rpm
bwrussell (author)  KROKKENOSTER2 years ago
That's a good suggestion but I have just one point of contention: Stand mixers aren't just for the ladies.
suayres2 years ago
Have you thought about ramping up the flavor with the addition of a sour "punch"? Try mixing in some citric acid crystals in the sugar you roll them in , just as it's used in sour gummies--you can buy it in the spice section of the grocery store, labeled as "sour salt", or online at, say, Amazon. Also, it's possible to buy cookie cutters in that rectangular shape, as well as in a chili pepper shape (also on Amazon--no kidding!)
bwrussell (author)  suayres2 years ago
Sour is an interesting suggestion, particularly if you don't like spicy. I'm not sure that sour and spicy are great together though and since creepers explode I thought heat was a good metaphor for that. Give it a try and let me know how it works, could be delicious!
You'd have to modify a basic rectangular cutter or slice the feet by hand after you made the initial cut with the cutter but it is a good middle ground for those that don't have the tools or motivation to make their own. Definitely faster than cutting everything by hand.
clewis212 years ago
Tried to vote for this, but can't see that it took anything when I clicked on the blank box, it stayed blank, no info. So, really cool idea!
bwrussell (author)  clewis212 years ago
Thanks for trying though!
That's interesting. I'm not sure what the blank box is specifically, did you try to vote through the little orange vote banner at the top right or through the various contest's individual pages?
Bobey2 years ago
That is the coolest thing ever
bwrussell (author)  Bobey2 years ago
Thanks, glad you like it.
fughilli2 years ago
Has anyone tried poprocks? I don't know how well the poprocks and the jalapeño flavors would mix, but that would certainly increase the explosive factor!
bwrussell (author)  fughilli2 years ago
I wonder if you can get the rocks before they add the fruit flavor. At that point you could try mixing them directly into the "batter", for lack of a better word.
nanaverm2 years ago
You can use the leftover marshmallow scraps, melted down with some butter, to make rice crispy treats with the dry cereal. Seems as though you could hand-cut the marshmallows, too.
bwrussell (author)  nanaverm2 years ago
It is possible to hand cut them, I did one, you can see it in this picture (top row , third from left). The issue is that it takes about five times as long per creeper and it's harder to get them all uniform. Of course if you don't want to make a cutter it's a legitimate strategy. Also as a tool engineer creating a tool to do all the cutting was appealing and sort of how my mind works.

Mmm, spicey rice crispies would probably be delicious. Have you ever made RCT's with homemade marshmallows, does it work?
Yes, I've made RCT's with homemade marshmallow (scraps). Turned out well! (Yours will, too.)
bwrussell (author)  nanaverm2 years ago
Thanks for the tip, I may just try that. If not now then next time.
jfuredy2 years ago
Couldn't you just use the laser directly to cut the marshmallow? You could still form it in a pan lined with parchment paper, then remove it once cool and place the block in the laser cutter. Perfectly formed marshmallow shapes every time! Without having to worry about the cutting getting clogged with sticky sugar.
bwrussell (author)  jfuredy2 years ago
I though about that but I haven't ever used a laser cutter so I don't know. I could see fire, or at least smoldering, being an issue as well as melting or caramelizing along the cutting edge. I checked the Epilog website but marshmallow wasn't on the list suggested materials. I guess I'll just have to win the laser cutter and try it. ;D
nanosec122 years ago
Now all you need to do is dust them with green colored sugar for the initial sweetness, followed by the KICK
bwrussell (author)  nanosec122 years ago
Thanks for bringing that up. I was planning on writing about that in the conclusion but forgot. I'll add it in.
Fantastic project! FYI you can get sanding sugar (the "finishing" sugar you see on Peeps and pro cupcakes, etc) in just about any color at any baking supply shop, or at good ol' Amazon:

bwrussell (author)  Threemoons2 years ago
Thanks, and thank you for the tip!
Haha I love this idea! Great pun!