Shoots streams of sticky spiderwebs all over your haunted house using a hot glue gun! From the Make Halloween Edition by Edwin Wise

Step 1: What You Need...

1. 80-100watt Hot Glue Gun. I used a Bostik - HG-210
2. Air Compressor
3. Assorted copper fittings
4. Air compressor hose
5. Pipe cutting tool
6. Pipe bending tool
7. Teflon tape
8. Hose clamps
In the video: &quot;I think it's amazing that a spider, using only his body, can create geometrically complicated, advanced shapes...&quot;<br><br>Female spiders are the main web creators, not the males.
I Think Its Funny You Say His Body, Then Go On To Say Only Females Are The Main Web Creators. Just Like A Female, Staying Home To Make And Clean House While The Male Goes Off To Make The Real Money.
I am glad someone else noticed that too.
how would you make this portable?
<p>maybe use CO2</p>
battery cordless gulegun, and an air-matress pump
mini air tank and generator in a backpack? why anyways u gonna be spiderman and spray people in the face with hot glue?<br />
<p>Cool. I covered a poor little kiddie with this!</p>
As with all fake spiderweb decorations, please use only indoors, where wild birds and other wildlife, won't get entangled in them.
I think Kipkay should be an honorary pro member, as his I'bles are the most professional.
i second that
I third that.
what would happen if i used an old fashion candy stick instead of glue stick ? something that resembles cotton candy i hope !!! ( preferably on a NEW glue gun)<br><br>someone try this for me !!
The candy stick wouldn't melt, but it would burn in the glue gun, unfortunately.
I sortof wanted to try this when I first saw it last year. . . . but this past weekend I saw a similar store bought model at Spirit Halloween Store; for only 50 US Dollars! Now I have no choice but to make one at home. I just hope it works without the seven dollar &quot;web sticks&quot;. <br><br>
this thing is lethal as glue stings you, and if you have one of those really expensive ones that deliver alot of hot glue, you better get scared.
Just because something stings doesn't mean it's lethal. Also, because of the compressed air rushing by the hot glue, it would be cool before it reaches its target, or at least, almost cool.
These are brilliant, i agree with ronmaggi :D
Add some videos of it working
Its on the intro. How did you miss that?
im subscribing now. lol.
great stuff!
if the hot glue lands on ur cat would he or she be ok with the heat and can u get it off or do u keep ur cat outof the hot glue way???
holy crap. this is rad.
kipkay you are the best! well, do you know that you have german fans? well, i am german and i love you instructables! Keep it up!
DAMN! i got 2 compressors lying around but i need a glue gun now XP
ME ?
already have it <sup></sup><br/>
oh noes!
Mac OSX 10.5
10.5.6 !!!!!! !
wait, wait, XP DaRk eDitioN ULTRA COMBO! echo... echo...
wait is this going the right direction?
MC Hammer slide.
OS 10.5.6
Alt+f4 PSP CFW v3.71 m33
Mac OS X 10.3.9 x 2, 10.5.6 x2, Windows XP AND... Ubuntu Linux

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