I’m usually not one for gore. I hate scary movies (almost always). But if there was ever a time for a little gross-out fun it is late October. And I’m not such a scrooge that I can’t enjoy a little Halloween silliness. So why not make a good dish, while you’re at it? The elements of this dish are all natural: the white is a coconut panna cotta, the iris a cut fresh kiwi, the pupil is made of plumped raisins, and the blood is simply a raspberry coulis. The one element that is just for looks is the lens that sits on top of the kiwi iris (a little gelatin sheet). While it doesn’t really add anything to the flavor of the dish, it makes the eye look much more convincing. Plated in a different way, this dish could be a dessert for any night of the year.

Because you need the eyeball to hold it’s shape for this plating, I added a teensy bit more gelatin than I would normally put in a panna cotta. (I’d cut back by ¼ tsp. if you’re not doing the eyeball plating) To make the panna cotta have a more delicate texture for serving, you can leave it out at room temperature for a half an hour before serving. Then plate it with hot raspberry coulis and the gelatin will soften just a bit. You can make this dessert a day in advance, but decrease the gelatin quantity by 1/8 tsp, as the gelatin will continue to firm up as the dessert sits refrigerated.

This recipe, along with lots of other food-related nonsense is also posted at my blog, Kitchen Table Scraps.

Panna Cotta:
1/3 c. shredded, dried coconut (unsweetened)
¼ c. raisins or other dark-colored dried fruit.
1½  t. unflavored, powdered gelatin
1T.  rum (optional, substitute water if you prefer)
1 c. whole milk
1 c. coconut milk
¼ c. sugar
3 kiwis

1-2 c. frozen raspberries

1½t. gelatin
½ c. boiling water
1T. lime juice
1T. sugar

6 servings

½ c. mise en place bowls or half-sphere molds
melon baller
1½“ circle cutter

Step 1: Infuse Cream

Place coconut flakes on a baking sheet, and toast in an 350 F oven for 3-6 minutes, until lightly browned. Keep an eye on the coconut and stir it at least once mid cooking. (It cooks more quickly at the edges of the pan.) Place raisins in a jar and cover with warm water.

Infuse coconut cream

Measure gelatin into a small bowl and stir in the rum or water. Leave it to sit for a few minutes. Place the milk, coconut milk, coconut flakes and sugar in a saucepan over high heat. Stir the pan frequently as the cream is heating to prevent scorching. Watch carefully as the mixture will boil over very quickly. Once the mixture has just come to a boil, remove the pan from the heat, cover and let sit for at least 15 minutes.
<p>I love this But....I am deathly allergic to Coconout. What could I use to replace all of the deathly fruit?</p>
<p>Why couldn't you use vanilla ice cream, kiwi and raisins?</p>
<p>What a neat idea, with equal parts gruesome and yummy! And, for any vegetarians or vegans, (or Kosher/Halal consumers!) out there, don't forget that you can substitute pectin, carageen, or agar for the gelatin! </p>
<p>this is simply awesome! looks like it tastes really good too.</p>
<p>Great Looking. Worth trying.</p>
<p>This is amazing! I love it! So realistic!</p>
<p>This looks so real</p><p>I love it</p>
Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to trying it.
you know this is a great instructable, but there is one main thing missing from this recipe. AN INGREDIENTS LIST WITH MEASUREMENTS! Please add one! it would be nice to know how much of everything to use.
So strange-- I have no idea what happened to the ingredients list?! I can't believe that I left it out and no one commented on it for a year. I'm flummoxed. Whatever happened, I just updated the text to include the recipe.
I think it's possible to do that with a small pancake!
Thanks, again! LOVE all the puns. (Enough to make me roll my eyes)
&quot;TerrORiffic!&quot; Great gustatory grossness! I'm keeping my eye/s open (pun intended) for more of your cleverness. Thanks for sharing your &quot;eye-dia&quot;.
This looks AWESOME! and DELICIOUS! Nice work :)
Freaking amazing. I love this and thank you so much for sharing it.
Clever and oh so creepy
Thanks, guys! I'm pretty proud of how this one came out. Glad to spread the gory goodness :)
I'm not one for gorey food but this caught my eye...hehe, I love panna cotta and you really captured the eye look with an amazing sounding dessert!
Very clever, I love it!
Gross, but in a good way! Love it!
Love it!
I love panna cotta, this is possibly the best Halloween-themed Instructable I've seen!
love this!
oh, this is one of the best halloween spooky treats I have ever seen!<br><br>
Yikes, that looks really good!
This is awesome! The eyeball looks so real in your picture. My halloween guests are going to love this. Thanks!

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