video Creepy Creature quad Stilt
I have dreamed about becoming a creature like this since I saw "The Dark crystal"( landstriders scene) when I was a child. Way into my adult life now I went to see circ de soleil, while watching the blank face crutch walkers, it hit me, why don’t I combine them both. When I did a search on line it turns out there are others with the same idea (Thank you Garen and Mellissa for the info aka. Stilt Spirits). This creature I refer to as "what nightmares are made of" is 7 feet tall and primarily made of recycled foam. An old foam eggcrate mattress, duct tape (that has been spray painted black) coffee dyed cheese cloth and dollar store spooky cloth. I used old wooden crutches, I modified to make taller since they only go to 6.6ft. The most expensive thing was the dry wall stilts that I bought, which I found out is cheaper than making stilts from wood. My dream/nightmare has come true!

Costume by: Manbuddha
Music by: Kevin Macleod
Carleyy3 years ago
This is absolutely amazing!! I had to watch the second view to make sure the thing moving in the first one wasn't a robot. SO COOL!
beasthunter2 months ago

Imagine that walking down the street ant night!

beasthunter2 months ago

OMG!!! That's amazing!!!

patatarium11 months ago
I really really really really like this project

I'm not sure what you did for the back? Is it that you just attached it to the shirt?

I might make these for next year, Right now I just finished a Slender Costume, but I saw these on You Tube and I wanted to do it.
I saw this on Tumblr, and I instantly thought of Dark Crystal.. who knew..
tinker2343 years ago
wow if i saw this at night i would be somewhere hiding