Creepy Eyes Prank





Introduction: Creepy Eyes Prank

Make some creepy eyes to put on an unsuspecting sleeping person.

. . . Also great for wearing yourself, so you can sleep virtually undetected during meetings, church services, boring dates, job interviews, funerals, weddings, and so forth.

This is an easy, quick project that's perfect as a silly and harmless prank.

Step 1: Get Some Cheap Ping Pong Balls

You will need some cheap ping pong balls, preferably ones without any markings or writing on them.

I used one ping pong ball to create each eyeball.

You can see in the second photo that the completed half-balls have a little lip left over from where the opposite half was glued in. This overlapping seam serves as a guide to help you while cutting the ball in half, and also keeps the completed half-balls rigid.

Step 2: Rough Cuts

Examine your ping pong balls to see which half is glued into the other half. This is the half you want to cut off and throw away.

Begin by using an exacto blade or other sharp instrument to remove most of this half on each ball.

Step 3: Clean Cuts

Use a sharp pair of small scissors to carefully trim off the remaining material right up to the seam on each ping pong ball.

The edges will still be a little rough, but you should now have two perfect ping pong ball halves similar to the one in the second photo.

Step 4: Sand the Edges

Use 220 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the edges smooth. Don't go overboard . . . it only takes a little.

Step 5: Paint Details

I used acrylic craft paints to add details. Medium flesh tone was used for eyelids, and a greenish-blue color for the irises. Black was added for pupils, and a little white dot to mimic reflecting light.

That's it. Stick them on a sleeping person, and snap some photos!



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    That's what happens when you've had too much coffee!

    Why would someone make fake eyeballs when they have had too much coffee?

    can you put an x on them and make people think you're dead? :P

    THAT is hilarious!

    Don't see how you could put them under your eyelids! A bit too big,
    aren't they? And for me, even the idea of putting in contact lenses that
    were made to fit my eyeballs is horrible. But these sure are FUNNY! Thanks.

    This comment is the greatest possible endorsement for this Instructable.

    I think that your lack of understanding is the real joke!

    They don't go under the eye lids... the eye lids are PAINTED on the ball to make it LOOK like it is eyes.... then the ball is set OVER the person's closed eyes! :) They never touch the eye, only the outer parts of the person's face they are set onto! :) Yes, very funny indeed!

    Somehow I managed to get my message posted in the wrong place. I meant to be commenting on what mbridges3 wrote:

    "coat them with 'shine' (non-toxic), make the edges 'soft', and only paint the iris and pupil....then put them under my eyelids"

    Made me shudder.