Step 3: Clean cuts

Use a sharp pair of small scissors to carefully trim off the remaining material right up to the seam on each ping pong ball.

The edges will still be a little rough, but you should now have two perfect ping pong ball halves similar to the one in the second photo.
I love these! Instead of painting the pupils, I hand-drilled a 7/32" hole in the center of each iris so I can see through them. I'm looking a little Judge Doom'ish here.
<p>This is so great! Exactly what I need to make for my step-son's Halloween costume!</p>
<p>what the? it's so freaky</p>
<p>This is so fun! XD</p>
<p>this puts the FUN in FUNerals</p>
Talking of funerals...
After seeing so many electronic ibles this was refreshing on my brain! So fun and family friendly. I have 2 boys ages 8 & 14...this is right up our alley!
What's so creepy - he looks just like Rick from Pawn Stars! Okay, maybe it is creepy...
I was about to post the same thing but wanted to scroll through to make sure I wasn't saying what someone already said!
LOL... you're right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
htey are so ridiculasly funny!
nice, i had to make a pair.
HA, I just notice the food I had stuck in my teeth, that make this pic so much better!
Looks very Good! Can't wait to try it!
The system has had quite a few bugs lately. Contact Wilgubeast or Randofo. Explain your situation and and ask for some help. Good Luck!!!
WhAcKy-WiLd!!!<br><br>You should enter this in the Halloween Contest!!!
LOVE IT!!! So funny!!! I posted it on my website, hope you don't mind... Here's the link:<br>http://lescreateliers.com/Les_Createliers/Idees_Ideas/Entries/2011/10/8_Halloween!!!!.html<br><br>Marie-Eve
Still LingMAO! <br>I can get into SOOOO much trouble with this! <br>Can't wait! YEEEEHAAAAA!!!!
Nice sunglasses tan! I thought it was a strap to attach the eyeballs at first!!
ha, i said 3-d animation ... let me call that anatomy, sorry
easily could be perfected with minimal tools and materials... if any of you know 3-d animation, you will understand easily
coat them with 'shine' (non-toxic), make the edges 'soft', and only paint the iris and pupil....then put them under my eyelids<br>
I have the EXACT same pair of scissors
add some stick on eyelashes for extra detail too
The addition of the eyelashes, convinced me I needed a pair!
That would be fantastic!!
I have never laughed so hard in all my life!!! What a good old fashioned fun project!
&quot;Examine your ping pong balls to see which half is glued into the other half. This is the half you want to cut off.&quot;<br><br>Isn't *each* half glued to the other half? I'm not clear on what you mean here.
I think he means that you want to cut off the half that is glued to the inside of the other half... ie. the &quot;male&quot; half, leaving the &quot;female&quot; half intact.
ohh... I see. I read &quot;into&quot; as &quot;to&quot;.
Cornguy says;<br> <br> When I was in college more than 50 years ago I put holes for pupils and added bloodshot veins around the irises. I could walk around campus wearing my glasses as usual and see where I was going while freaking out my friends.
I did the same thing, but in High School. I remember one shopping trip in Sears with my mother and a friend. I would hide inside a rack of clothes and wait for some unsuspecting shopper to move the clothing aside. :) Ahhh, the good old days. For some reason, my mom remembers this also. 30+ years later.
Brilliant! I totally love it. I will be making a walking around set soon.
Boa id&eacute;ia !!
hahaha, this bit made Me laugh!,.... . Also great for wearing yourself, so you can sleep virtually undetected during meetings,...<br>Thats funny, thanks for that,
hahahaha this is a great project to get a good laugh!... I will try it! ;D
You can scrape the writings/markings off a ping pong ball with a little patience and an X-acto knife.
That's what happens when you've had too much coffee!
i lollered when i read " . . Also great for wearing yourself, so you can sleep virtually undetected during meetings, church services, boring dates, job interviews, funerals, weddings, and so forth."
I like the 'sunglasses tan line' on the chap in the photo, I thought the eyes were on a pair of glasses to start with :D
Also, same concept works really well for costumes from The Simpsons!
Fun project. Thanks. <br>. <br>Add a little glossy clear-coating to the white and iris parts, masking out the eyelids, and the eyes would look even more realistic. The white dot wouldn't be necessary. <br>. <br>Did you draw the iris circle with pencil before applying the paint? I don't know if I can paint the iris so perfectly. Howdjadoit?
April Fool's Day is too far off. :(
Hilarious. The guy looks like he just finished watching his latest stock reports...
Coool !
This is good! Any suggestions on disguising snoring, though? :-)
that is awesome.
This is brilliant! :D

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