Step 5: Paint details

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creepy eyes 012.JPG
I used acrylic craft paints to add details. Medium flesh tone was used for eyelids, and a greenish-blue color for the irises. Black was added for pupils, and a little white dot to mimic reflecting light. 

That's it. Stick them on a sleeping person, and snap some photos!
mbridges34 years ago
ha, i said 3-d animation ... let me call that anatomy, sorry
mbridges34 years ago
easily could be perfected with minimal tools and materials... if any of you know 3-d animation, you will understand easily
mbridges34 years ago
coat them with 'shine' (non-toxic), make the edges 'soft', and only paint the iris and pupil....then put them under my eyelids
add some stick on eyelashes for extra detail too
The addition of the eyelashes, convinced me I needed a pair!
That would be fantastic!!
cblair14 years ago
I have never laughed so hard in all my life!!! What a good old fashioned fun project!
cornguy4 years ago
Cornguy says;

When I was in college more than 50 years ago I put holes for pupils and added bloodshot veins around the irises. I could walk around campus wearing my glasses as usual and see where I was going while freaking out my friends.
jbicb3 cornguy4 years ago
I did the same thing, but in High School. I remember one shopping trip in Sears with my mother and a friend. I would hide inside a rack of clothes and wait for some unsuspecting shopper to move the clothing aside. :) Ahhh, the good old days. For some reason, my mom remembers this also. 30+ years later.
pineypl cornguy4 years ago
Brilliant! I totally love it. I will be making a walking around set soon.
seamster (author)  cornguy4 years ago
That's a good idea. I'll have to make a set for walking around in, as you did. Thanks!