Picture of Creepy Fingers Animated Tombstone
Have a problem with wanting a little animation in your cemetery scene but difficulty running power to a certain area?
Well, I decided to take advantage of Mother Nature (when she wanted to cooperate) and let her cool fall breezes animate the Creepy Fingers protruding from this tombstone.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Foam Board
1/4" PVC pipe
Weights (Small Stones, Fishing Sinkers, etc - anything that fits in the PVC pipe)
2 eye hooks
Pool Noodle
Large Fake Finger Nails
Corpsing Materials (Latex or Carpet Glue & Cotton Batting or Paper Towels)
Monster Mud
Spray Paint - Tombstone color of your choice
Hot Glue
Plastic or Wood Beads with a Hole in the Center
Wooden Skewers
Duct Tape

Step 2: Build the Frame

Picture of Build the Frame
Build a box frame from the wood. The dimensions I used are marked. The reason the 18" pieces of wood run on the outside of the top & bottom of the frame is so that you can attach the larger front and back pieces of foam board without having to shim the middle section when you screw them on.
Once you have your frame built, center the eye hooks each end of the short sides on the top of the frame.

Step 3: Make your Creepy Fingers

Picture of Make your Creepy Fingers
Cut lengths of wire (depending on how long you want your fingers to be).
Next cut pieces of Pool Noodles in strips (length wise) Trim them up to look like finger. Cut small pieces for knuckles/joints and glue them on to the finger sections.
Insert your wire through them, making sure to leave enough wire to go through the top of the tombstone and down into the PVC.
Corpse the fingers using which ever technique you prefer.
Finally, attach the finger nails.
gstegman2 years ago
Can you tell me what size wire you used? Also, could you explain the foam center in the pvc pipe a little better? Not quite clear what you mean.
Thank you, love the project and will try it.
gstegman2 years ago
Can you tell me what size wire you used? Also, could you explain the foam center in the pvc pipe a little better? Not quite clear what you mean.
Thank you, love the project and will try it.
U4563 years ago
Ooooh you have Thriller on!!
justjimAZ4 years ago
Definite do for Halloween! Thanks!
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  justjimAZ4 years ago
Thanks! Glad you like it! :)
MaxImmum5 years ago
if u were to modify this a bit, u could make it look like the egg and facehugger from  alien
frollard5 years ago
Love the project!  It could use some articulation to really be extra creepy, but for its simplicity it gets my stars!
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  frollard5 years ago
canida6 years ago
That looks awesome! You should embed the video in the first step, too.
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  canida6 years ago
Thanks!! If I can figure out how to do it, I will!
Yeah! I figured it out! LOL!! Thanks for the suggestion. I think it is better with it in the intro.
grimdaddy6 years ago
Very cool idea! It is a green idea too!!
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  grimdaddy6 years ago
Thanks Grimdaddy! I may add a base to it that reads "Bluetooth Salesman". LOL!!
Ha! Just got it, sounds like hands freed.
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  goatgirly6 years ago
LOL!! :)
Felipez6 years ago
hey, great job! I would like to suggest a separated topic for the 'motion' of it. I think it would be better for organization. Anyway, very nice instructable!
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  Felipez6 years ago
Thanks for the compliment. Wish I could help you out with a separate topic about the motion of it, but unfortunately, I just winged it and got lucky. I am sure there are physics formulas that someone more advanced would be able to calculate for where exactly to drill the holes, exact amount of counter weight, etc. but I am as dumb as a rock when it comes to those things. LOL! Most of the things I build, I just use trial & error, then keep my fingers crossed that they work! :)
geekazoid6 years ago
lol thats super creative, did you come up with the idea yourself? BTW i tried a similar (no moving parts) project last year. Any idea where I could buy the right kind of foam board? Thanks and great 'ible!
PaHalloweenFreak (author)  geekazoid6 years ago
Thanks! Yes, my twisted comes up with some strange things at times. LOL!! You can go to any home improvement store and they should have it. I got mine at Home Depot because I drive a PT Cruiser so I have to buy the half sheets - our Lowes here only carries the full 4x8 sheets. The full sheets come in different thicknesses too.