Similar to the elves we made for Christmas (https://www.instructables.com/id/Santas-Elves-Yard-Display/), here are some spooky, but not too scary, creatures we made for Halloween. A couple famous monsters along with random devilish creatures.

These are displayed with our homegrown pumpkins. The biggest was 80 lbs! We just planted the giant pumpkins seeds in mounds and I set up an automatic drip system for watering 4 times a day. So they just needed a few minutes of care once a week and the sun, soil, and water did all the work.
Just saw this, how cute are those? I so want one for next year. I'm stealing...I mean borrowing your idea for next year. Ya borrowing...that's it. :)
These are so cute!
The Frankenstein paper mache is adorable! I always want scary Halloween decorations but my mom insists on having all this cute stuff. She would definitely like if I made these this year!
Oh, how adorable! I love that they all seem so excited to see guests. :D

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