Get ready to bare your skin and bones with this creepy, yet sexy skull face as created by Nick Wolfe from the Creepy Creatures FaceCards Collection.

Step 1: White Base

To start, I used white to sponge on a few areas around the face. This part doesn't have to be extremely perfect.

Step 2: Red Flesh

Next, I lightly sponge some red in between the white areas to look like a few bits of flesh coming out of the "white bones".

Step 3: Add Black

Then, I went into my black and lightly sponge on eye sockets, jawlines, and other cavity areas on the white areas.

Step 4: Deepen the Black

Now, I went into some more black, because this is how you're going to really deepen the color on those same areas. Then, I added some outlining as well as the teeth on the bottom.

Step 5: Finish Off

Finally, I jumped into my white to add some highlighting and detailing around the teeth and the entire skull face.

Step 6: Baring It All

Now, it's time to bare it all in creepy fashion! This design was given a 5 star rating, meaning that according to the FaceCards collection that this design was from, it was the most difficult design to paint. But, I was able to paint this to the best of my ability! Thanks, Nick Wolfe!

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