Creme de la Tea

Step 2: Pour in the tea

For this step pour in the tea a little over 1/2 way of the cup. You can add more if you want more tea flavor, or less for a little bit more creamy flavor.

I poured in the tea to a little more than 1/2 of the cup/glass.

Notice how the sugar dissolved. Putting in sugar first makes it so that you do not need a stirring stick or spoon. The liquid takes it over.

Step 3: Add the cream or half and half

Now it is time to add your cream, or half and half.

In my case, I used half and half.

Pour your cream in to the tea, for the tea to become a creamy color. It is cool to watch the cream diffuse about the glass.

If you need to, you can stir the cream to even it all out, but sometimes it doesn't need to be stirred.

Step 4: Pour in the Milk

Now it is time to pour in the milk.

Pour in your milk so that it completes out the cup.

Fill 'er up!

If you want, you can stir, just to even all the ingredients out a bit.
lemonie7 years ago
Eew, you used pre-prepared tea? How does this work out with coffee? L
I agree, never use premade tea. I always brew my tea fresh. And for some odd reason your avatar just disappeared, but only yours. Weird......
Brennn10 (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
Yea, I just made this quickly with pre-made tea. I usually drink Tea-Vana tea, like Roobios Caramel and fresh tea leaves...MMM!
I usually make whatever brand of black tea I have, but I prefer Stash brand.
Have you tried the Licorice Spice from Stash? It's my mom's favorite.
No, but I should try it some time. I picked up a "Thai Delight" from Yogi awhile back, that was pretty good. Sweet, though.
Grady lemonie7 years ago
Lemonie My friend uses gobs of whipped cream in her coffee, & loves it.
lemonie Grady7 years ago
Cream & coffee is a nice one, but then I was just drinking [ White R]uss[ ians]...


Alathald7 years ago
This is the best way to get a great drink at a restaurant/bar for dirt cheap. Just order a sweet tea and ask for a handful of creamers. You will get some strange looks but it's worth it. Then dump in the creamers when they get there. If you'd like a stiff drink, add a shot or two of your favorite alcohol and wa-la, you've got a cheap drink with free refills (plus cost of liquor :-D). Nice Instructable BTW...
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Looks good. I wish I could drink some with out getting all the cramps from the lactose in the milk and half n half. How about a soy alternative. I LOVE soy milk, try the "Silk" brand very vanilla.
zachninme7 years ago
Whats the Sucrose size equivalent? And how many times sweeter is the packet? I know Sucralose (splenda) is upwards 200, but they add maltodexerin.
Brennn10 (author)  zachninme7 years ago
I believe it is 300 times sweeter than sugar. I am unsure of the Sucrose size equivalent.
zachninme7 years ago
Oh, and its actually the (accent ecoute on e (not `), but ibles doesn't like that character)
Brennn10 (author)  zachninme7 years ago
Yea, that is why I left it out.
Bran7 years ago
Cool, looks good. 'Round here, we already have sweet tea. Oh, and I like the new name.