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People tend to over-estimate the amount of effort that has to be put forward to make a Creme Brulee. The margin of failure is relatively obscure as this holiday dessert takes little to no effort to make. From the classy stay-home soccer mom to the teenage Pyromaniac (question me not, your confuddling will be cured later), this French dessert, several countries also take claim, provides lasting entertainment and that's crunchy on top with a creamy vanilla custard on the inside.

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

- 2 cups of heavy cream
- 1/2 teaspoon Vinilla Extract or 1 vinilla bean, split and scraped
- 1/2 cup granulated sugar
- 3 large eggs (yolks)(room temperature)
- 1 teaspoon orange zest
- Boiling water

- Propane Torch!!!
- 2 Saucepans
- 2 Whisks
- Ramekins
- Medium-sized Mesh Strainer
- Large Bowls

Note: Recipe serves around 3 people but depends on the size of your ramekins
Weeyahneh3 years ago
Looks wonderful and I'm making CB for T-Day this year. I love using my torch .. although mine is a culinary one and not one like yours which would be great for stripping parts of cars or welding gates! Thanks for the recipe and instructions.
Seleziona5 years ago
I got to make some day! 5*
Kathyb76 years ago
Oh sorry, the title & author of the song playing...
Seiko125 (author)  Kathyb75 years ago
sorry, foo fighters, times like these
Seiko125 (author)  Kathyb76 years ago
"Violet Hill" by Coldplay
Kathyb76 years ago
What is that title & author in the video how to sugar (the first video)? Thanks in advance!
Bourne116 years ago
What if I wanted to add pieces of fruit inside the creme brulee(i.e. peaches or raspberries) what step could I incorporate that in?
Seiko125 (author)  Bourne116 years ago
You can mix mixed berries, brown sugar and some type of fruit liqueur and place it ontop of the finished cb
Yeah i figured that but i was just curious if you could add fruit inside the dessert itself?
Seiko125 (author)  Bourne116 years ago
I mean, you probaly could...
Joe Martin6 years ago
Fantastic! Just a little tip, where I use to work we would make them up to step 4 then we simply sprinkle them with brown sugar and them put them under the grill (Brollier?). Very useful if your doing many for a dinner party or just for one if you haven't got a blowtorch to hand. Joe
Seiko125 (author)  Joe Martin6 years ago
i made this after buying myself a torch-n-ramekin set for xmas...delicious!... and even better after setting for a few days! it did look a little paler than other creme brulee i've had - perhaps an extra yolk or two would make the difference...?
Very nice. The instructions are certainly to the point. :)
aminal6 years ago
that looks so good
finfan76 years ago
Sam Zien uses vanilla pudding cups scooped into ramekins for the base. I have made both and which one I would make would depend on the situation. They're both tasty.
I voted for you!
anjoy86 years ago
oh... look good...
hotmale6 years ago
I love CB and make a great one. Start with the best ingredients. I have found that heating the mixture prior to ramekinizing and baking is not that critical. TIP To spread the sugar evenly, just SPIN the ramekin.
You can also substitute the vanilla with 1 in. of ginger root to make a suprisingly tasty ginger crème brûlée . I also have recipes for eggnog, passion fruit, and pumpkin crème brûlée but I have yet to try them. I'm glad you put this up, making crème brûlée is a great way to make people think you're a better chef than you really are, and it's super easy! thanks.
WOW that looks soooooo amazing! I want to make this now!
1arrow246 years ago
Great instructible. Yum! Still, though I say it was made in cambridge first.
I used a butane pencil torch.
jackathon6 years ago
fresh vanilla does taste a lot better than store-bought vanilla extract. I sometimes put alcohol ontop of the creme brule so when you light it it burns like a fire
Great instructable. Extremely informative and great videos. +abillion for using coldplay song. How is it that it shows you have -1 instructables. I want negative instructables.
Seiko125 (author)  bigwhitebear186 years ago
one Instructable not published yet
Vidar_766 years ago
Wonderful! Good pictures och even a video, thats well done! And it look delicious ;-) I'll try it this jule-leave when i got some more time.
very nice ible great job 5 stars